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  1. I'm a non EU national and have been living in Germany on EU Blue card for a year. I joined a new employer in August and planning to quit soon before the probation ends as the work has got very hectic and it is causing health issues and i have a medical condition. What steps I have to follow after resigning - i had some questions around that:   Do I've to inform Agentur fur Arbeit and Auslanderbehorde about job loss ? How much time would i get to look for a new job? My blue card or the zusattzblatt has no employer name on it and it's not connected to the employer. I've worked 10 months but if i quit due to health issues would i be eligible for unemployment benefits ? Thanks.
  2. Left over leaves after resigning

    Hi,   Am I entitled to get paid for my left over leaves after resignation if I leave at 31st Dec? I know that you get paid for left over leaves if you resign in the middle of the year but I'm not sure about what happens if the year is also ended. I also know that the leaves carry over to March of next year but obviously I won't be working next year so I'm confused with that.   The reason I'm asking is because I wanted to go on vacation in December but now with the increase in COVID cases and uncertainty around lockdowns if I leave the country. I don't want to take any risk and it will be quite boring/bad if I take the leaves and stay at home. I know that my company will force me to take leaves but in these circumstances I think it will just be a waste.   Thanks.