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  1. Does anyone have any idea what a certificate of residence is?  I have been issued a certifice instead ofthe residence permit card?     can anyone help me with this. Can anyone help me with this what this is and why would i be issued this?
  2. Hello,    I am moving from Frankfurt to Berlin and holds a blue card residence permit. I am leaving my current job after 1.5 years of getting the blue card and very well aware that I have to notify and seek approval from Ausländerbehörde. My new job in Berlin also satisfies the blue card requirements, therefore, I asked my current Ausländerbehörde if they can update my Zusatzblatt (green supplementary document with company name).    Surprisingly, they are asking me to get this sorted from concerned authorities in Berlin and they can't do it even though I am still registered here and I will move to Belin next month (i.e. August).    My question is if I do it in Berlin, I will have to first register myself there, and then this file transfer issues from one Ausländerbehörde to another would probably take time. Can someone guide me if this is normal or what I can do in this situation?   p.s: I work in Frankfurt but my Ausländerbehörde is Groß-Gerau
  3. Dear all,    I am a EU blue card holder looking to apply for a permanent residence permit later this year and I have a couple of questions regarding the requirements and application process.   First, I was wondering the calculation of the accelerated period starts. I understand that blue card holders can apply for a permanent residence permit at 21 months if they have B! language level and 33 months if they have A1 language level (according to section 19 a, passage 6 of the German Residence Act). I started working and paying into the social security scheme since April 2018. Between April to October 2018, my salary did not meet the blue card requirement. However, I switched to a different company that pays more (same profession) in November 2018, which qualified me to obtain blue card.The immigration office has issued a blue card in August 2018 as I already showed the contract with the new company with the higher salary.    Due to the above, I am not sure when the starting date is when considering the 21 or 33 months requirement for the permanent residence permit. Can anyone of you advise as to when the period starts:  August 2018 (when the blue was issued), or November 2018 (when the new job started)?    Additionally, as applicants are required to take the "Life in Germany" test (which I assume is the same as the naturalization test), but the language level can vary (someone with A1 or B1). Do you know if the test can it be taken in English?    Many thanks for your help. 
  4. Hi everyone,    I wanted to apply for a Niederlassungerlaubnis but I receveid a message from KVR here in Munich saying that it was not possible. A little more about my situation: - My bachelor is in Business Administration - I've been employed as a Product Manager in an IT company with a Blue Card since 05.2018 with salary of €52.200/year. - I've changed jobs in 01.02.2020 and my new salary is €62.000/year - Although I have B1 German knowledge, KVR informed me that I cannot apply for a Niederlassungserlaubnis - The reason they said is that, as my salary in 2019 was lower than €53.600/year, the period is not counting for the 21 months.  Below is KVR message:     Had anyone the same experience? Is there anything that I can do or I have to wait and then try to apply again?   Thank you for any input!