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  1. Hi!   I just moved with my family (husband, 2 kids) to Stuttgart a few days ago.  We have a few questions.   Right now, I seem like I'm stuck on getting this Wohungsgeberbestatigung document.   We are in hotels and airbnbs trying to figure out where we should ultimately live.  Hopefully by September when my 7 year old can start in Grundschule.   My work permit will take some time.  To get started on the work permit, I need to go to a city agency and state that I live here.  To do that, I must get this Wohnungsgeberbestatigung signed by my landlord.  I'm in an airbnb right now and the landlord doesn't want to sign it because it carries some sort of consequences for him.  Understandable, so we are moving on.   But then the question is, where do we go to get this document signed?   Anyone have experience with this situation?   Thanks,   Keri Carpenter
  2. Hello,   I have a Niederlassungserlaubnis. I am planning to move to my home country for self employment and pursue an external non-funded PhD from a German university (will visit Germany once a year for progress review and discussion). My field of self employment and PhD work are related to each other. Personally I would prefer to keep my Niederlassungserlaubnis valid during my PhD duration since it would allow me to travel to Germany without the need for an yearly visa application. And in case my self employment attempt fails, a valid Niederlassungserlaubnis will make it easier for me to move back to Germany and find a job. Should I apply for a Dauraufenthalt EU since it allows 24 months of absence for prior Blue card holders and therefore would be more beneficial for me as compared to the Niederlassungserlaubnis? Or should I just visit the the Ausländerbehörde, explain my situation to them and let them decide what's best for me? Regards, Aman  
  3. Hello, all. I could not find any thread on the forum dedicated to the 'Sonderausweis' (special permit) – in fact, the internet is more generally stumped when it comes to it, too – so I thought about creating one here. Feel free to add other talking points concerning it here.   Some context: I am a non-EU citizen, and will graduate from a German university soon. As such, I have access to the German job market and will be able to apply for permanent residency (in Germany) after two years of full-time employment (compared to other non-EU citizens who did not study in Germany, and can only apply after five years).   I was recently offered a position at an intergovernmental organization in Germany, but was notified that the 'Auswaertiges Amt' (Federal Foreign Office) in Germany will issue both me and my spouse a 'Sonderausweis', which allows us to stay and work in Germany, as well as travel in the Schengen area.   I have many questions about the 'Sonderausweis', but I have failed to find concrete answers. Can anyone help?   How long does it take to get the 'Sonderausweis'? / What is the processing time? If I get the 'Sonderausweis', can I still apply for permanent residency in Germany after two years? Is it possible to refuse a 'Sonderausweis' and to merely apply for and work with a 'normal' German work permit at the intergovernmental organization (which is in Germany)?  Spouses and other family members also (automatically) get the 'Sonderausweis'. Can they apply for any job in Germany, or are they only allowed to work at intergovernmental or supranational organizations? My contract is only for a year. Thereafter, will I still be able to apply for the (18-month) job seeking visa, for example, or a work permit, if I find another job? Are there any other benefits to a 'Sonderausweis' that I have not addressed (work and stay in Germany, travel in the Schengen area)?   Thank you for reading this far. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi there!    I've been searching on the web, but unfortunately haven't found the answer to my question yet. I hope someone can help me!    I've been working in Germany for one year now, but have decided to move back home to California. I'm a US citizen and have a residence permit. I gave my proper three month notice and my last day at work will be Aug 31, 2015. I plan on staying in Europe for another month to finish my travels (leaving for the US Sept 30th).   How much time do I have to stay in the country after quitting my job? Do I have to leave right away after my last day at work? Is my residence permit still valid (it only expired in 2017). Will I have problems leaving/entering Germany?   Thanks! 
  5. Hello there, Servus,   First of all, I would like to mention that I have already read nearly all topics about this subject both in Toytown and other websites, plus I have read nearly all legal documents and websites that I've found. But still, I am still in need of some tiny but important details, which I hope someone enlightens me about.   I am a Turkish citizen, married to a Greek wife for nearly 4 years with our daughter is nearly 2.5 years old and we are considering to move to Germany in a short while. We both know B1-B2 level German and I have lived in Austria for 2 years back in between 2010-2012.   I know that thanks to my wife, I also have the right to reside and work inside of EU countries as her dependent and it will not be a problem since we will relocate together. The thing is since I cannot find a job via online sites because companies always ask for a work-permit - that I do not have for now- , we probably relocate without a job.    --My first question is since both my wife and I will not have a job when we move there, will it be a problem to get the permit to reside and work, and the important part, how long will it take for me to get my permit from legal office. I want to apply to JobCenter and search jobs by myself as soon as possible, so I wonder that if it takes a couple of days or a couple of weeks? --Since my wife wants to take care of our daughter a little bit more until she starts to go Kindergarten, will it be mandatory for her to search and find a job, while I am working? --I have read that we will have time to search for a job for a maximum of 6 months. What will happen if we still could not able to find a job until the end of 6 months? Can we extend the search period or will we have to gather our things and come back here? --Because we cannot find a place to rent via online, we will probably stay one of the AirBNBs at the beginning of our journey. Will it be possible to show that address to the officials, when we're getting our work and residence permits?  -- After starting to work, when we will we start to get social benefits like Kindergeld, etc? Is there a minimum work period for getting them?   I will be very glad that someone helps me through our adventure of new life. Thanks and advance and regards,