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  1. Hi everyone, After searching the forum, and finding similar threads but none of them answers my question clearly- I have decided to post it. I am a non-EU "highly qualified professional" that lives in Germany for a couple of years. I have an Aufenthaltstitel (type: Aufenthaltserlaubnis), with "Erwebstätigkeit gestattet", the card of course needs to be renewed every few years until I can get the permanent permit. I am currently working as an employee, and doing a bit of freelancing on the side. I was wondering if I can, under my current Aufenthaltstitel, to work as self employed WITHOUT working as an employee additionally. Thanks in advanced for amy reply
  2. Hi all, my residence permit is about to expire very soon. I have submitted my application to KVR a month ago but still no sign of any appointment invitation. What should I do in this case as I am getting worried about going around with an expired residence permit. I am employed. I have so far sent an email to the immigration office but an auto-reply stated that they will not entertain such questions and my case do not seem to fall under the "emergency" requirements. Has anyone else been through the same situation? Do you just go to KVR directly if you have not received any appointment on the day your permit ends?  Thank you. 
  3. Hello,   I've a Niederlassungserlaubnis (permanent residence permit) and I do know that, this card will expire if I leave Germany (EU) more than 180 consecutive days. However, I just don't know, it the law requires how many days per year, one has to live actually in Germany. My situation is for this year 2022:   - From 01st. January - 31st. March: I stayed in Germany - From 01st. April - 30th. July: I stayed in my home country (out of EU): 120 days - From 01st. August - 30th. September: I stayed in Germany - From 01st. October - 17th. March, 2023: I stay in  my home country (out of EU): 170 days   Will everything ok if I returned to Germany before the end of March, 2023 (180 days out of Germany)?  OR I will need to return to Germany earlier (e.g. before the end of January, 2023)?    Thanks,  
  4. Will accepting welfare effect my residence permit? I am going to be married to an EU citizen shortly after we will change my study residence permit to a marriage residence permit. I read online that it is a bad idea to accept welfare as it may make you seem like a liability. My soon to be wife is a student and eligible for about €700 from Luxemburg Bc her parents work there and about €250 from the German government while she studies. I’m not exactly sure on what these welfare programs are called or anything like that. I was wondering if she accepts the money from the German and Luxemburg government that she will be seen as a public charge and my residence permit for our marriage will be denied. Also my proof of income for this residence permit will be the GI Bill MHA and VA disability payments.