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  1. Hiya!   So i've been an owner occupier for the last seven years ever since I bought my flat. Due to certain life circumstances I'm considering moving back home. If I were to sell my property now I would not pay any capital gains on it in Germany, because as an owner occupier you don't pay capital gains after two years. If I were to rent my apartment now, will this impact any future capital gain when I sell it in say five to ten years, considering I have lived in it since its purchase prior to renting ?   Many thanks!
  2. My landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting

    Hi everyone,   I was informed today that my landlord is selling the apartment I'm renting. Since I've never been in this situation before, I'm wondering what to watch out for. In particular, I'm a bit worried about the following:   1) What happens with the contract? Do I need to sign a new one with the new owner? 2) What about the deposit? 3) What's with monthly payments? Is it the responsibility of my previous / new landlord to indicate new bank credentials and due date in the new contract?   If anyone has been in this situation before, it would be nice if you could share your experience.   Thanks!