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  1. Hi all,   Situation   First of all I rented this room for a shared flat to this real estate company. After some of the flat mates breaking some of the rules of the contract I tried to contact him to look for a solution, reporting my intention to leave the flat finally: Wrote to the agent by email who I signed the contract with. Phoned the same agent. Phoned the number in the company website.   All of my attempts to contact were ignored (for months), at the end I had to find by other means someone working in that company to contact the CEO.   I will be leaving Germany for some months, and I don't plan to go back to that flat, obviously.   I set an appointment with the CEO before I left to give the keys, but he cited me and he didn't show up. After 30 minutes I left.   My issue I will have a third person to meet him and deliver the keys, before my contract runs out, but as I won't be there when my contract ends I want to give the keys already (and also he didn't received me when he called me). I would like to have a docuemnt that states that a third person will give the keys for that flat the date the keys are delivered, can I do that? It's possible? Do I have any law that protects me? What if he refuses, how can I prove that I (in this case a third) delivered the keys?   Thanks and let me know if any further information is needed!
  2. Hello!   I was just informed that my landlord wants to sell the apartment I'm currently renting.   In my contact we have waived the right of termination for a period of two years: Es handelt sich um einen allgemeinen Mietvertrag von unbestimmter Dauer mit Ausschluss des Kündigungsrechts. Die Parteien verzichten wechselseitig auf die Dauer von 2 Jahren ab Vertragsschluss auf ihr Recht zur ordentlichen Kündigung dieses Mietvertrags. Eine Kündigung ist erstmals zum Ablauf des Zeitraums von 2 Jahren mit der gesetzlichen Frist zulässig.Von dem Verzicht bleibt das Recht zur fristlosen Kündigung und zur außerordentlichen Kündigung mit gesetzlicher Frist unberührt.   My question is whether the potential buyer can bypass this waiver with some legal backdoor, or will I be able to stay at least until the end of those 2 years?   Thank you!