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  1. Hello!   Short version: Our landlord is trying to sell the apartment we rent from him. Is there any legal reason that requires tenants NOT to point out flaws/faults/defects (including opinion-based ones) to potential buyers during visitations?   Long version: In 2019, we rented a freshly renovated apartment in an old building. We assume the apartment was bought as an investment. Now with the rent freeze and cap, the landlord probably decided it's no longer a profitable investment (rent dropped by about half), and is trying to sell it since early 2020. So far we've been nothing but accommodating - we almost never refuse a visitation, and when we do, we have a good reason. But recently, exactly 3 months before the mandatory 2 years in the contract end (in which both sides cannot back out of the contract), he served us a letter claiming "personal use" for a family member... We are STILL getting visitations and the apartment is still listed on We hired a lawyer and won't back out that easily. So this is the cause of our initial question - he's making life hard for us, and we are wondering if it's legal to point out flaws/faults/defects (even opinion-based ones) to potential buyers during visitations? Don't get me wrong - the apartment is fine to rent, and we really don't want to search for a new one and move, especially in this market. But we would never buy it, since it's an old building, and we've lived long enough to spot issues that are a deal-breaker.