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  1. I have just started apartment searching in Leipzig.  I have a limited budget, so have been looking for lower rents.  I have seen a number of apartments listed in Grünau, that sound very cheap, rent wise.  I however have came across this statement "Es sind Genossenschaftsanteile gemäß Satzung zu zeichnen. Der angegebene Mietpreis kann auf Grund individueller Ausstattungswünsche variieren. "  This makes me wonder.  Does this mean I have to purchase a share in the cooperative?  Are these apartments owned by an individual owner, or by the cooperative?  I'm finding apartment hunting, isn't all that easy.   Before you say anything about Grünau, I have seen the area.  I do not find it unsuitable. Compared to some other areas, I think it is quite suitable for me.  I am not afraid to live in a Plattenbau, and there is plenty of green space around.  I am a senior, so am not looking to be near clubs and the like.   I'm looking for a comfortable place for me and my dog. Convenient to transportation, and shopping.       Thanks!
  2. About to sign a rental sublease contract with a pretty hefty security deposit (for me anyways). From what I gather I should take care to place this security deposit into a separate account (Kautionskonto), opened either by me or the renter, to reduce problems with getting the deposit back afterwards. The renter has agreed to this, but says he'll open the Kautionskonto - thus I would have to verify that it isn't simply his personal account. Any way to do this? Simply bring his account details to the bank and ask them to verify? And any other precautions I should follow if I want to see my Kaution again, esp. when subletting from a private individual? (That said, he seems to be a nice guy, seen the place and got a day to review the contract)