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  1. Hello all,     A friend of mine has applied for renting an apartment (not private, Hausverwaltung landlord). The firend has studied in Germany, and had recently re-newed his visa (still valid for next 4 years). He also just got a job in Germany (unbefristet). The landlord has denied him a rental contract, and mentioned (in Email) becuase of his temporary residence. Even when my friend suggested a temporary rental contract, they have denied again, and accusing him of illegal (!) action.    From my point of view this is illegal from the landlord, and even discrimination.  Does the landlord has any legal grounds to do so? From what I read they are now allowed to do that. Any advise?   Thanks in advance.  
  2. Me and around 200 other tenant live in an international dormitory. Our contract says 2 months of noticed period. We have had tremendous issues (no internet, no water for 2 days, no electricity for a day, no heating for 3 weeks, you name it), and now they decided they will renovate the building this summer and gave us 2.5 months to move out. We are 200 people for a small town, unlikely to find proper accommodation within our budgets in such a time in the pandemic. We requested 3 more months, denied. Usually the notice period is 3 months. Would we have a case with a lawyer? Honest people who tried to help us from the management have left suddenly, from one day to another, something is terribly wrong. Does the federal law override the rental contract? Thanks for any help.