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  1. Hello,   I am leaving my flat, I have been renting it and I need to give it back in the same condition I got it which was renovated. I need to patch up holes and perhaps paint some areas. Are there companies that provide such services for end of tenancy handyman jobs? Or do I need to contact individual local handyman ? 
  2. Rules for landlord showing apartment?

    My landlord knows I am moving because I had to ask her a question about if I needed my ex-husband’s signature on the Kündigungsfrist. I wanted to plan ahead because ex is in Australia.    I have NOT given my Kündigungsfrist yet. At the moment I am waiting for an official start date and the paperwork is taking forever (federal job). It is either September 1st or October 1st and this still needs to be clarified. There is also a small chance that I may stay in Munich. She knows this.    My landlord sent me a message yesterday (Wednesday) saying a family wanted to see the apartment on Sunday and which time is good for me. I didn’t say yes or no or give another time. I simply said that I do not have my work contract yet and I haven’t given my Kündigungsfrist yet. There is no reason for her to show the apartment yet. And it’s a Sunday. I am quite a flexible person, but my landlord has given me nothing but problems. Plus I’m busy cleaning and clearing stuff out and my apartment is messy.    This led me to thinking about what are the rules for showing apartments. When I give her my Kündigungsfrist, can I mention I am available x, y, and z days? I am not interested in Sundays either. What are the rules for this? Do I have to allow her to show the apartment even if I have not given her my Kündigungsfrist? I’m in no rush to move out and I have accepted that I may have to pay double rent for one month because of logistics. She is making me feel very pressured. 
  3. UK rental income on German tax returns

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and have a question about my tax returns.   I am employed in Germany and pay taxes here. Last year I started receiving rental income from my UK flat. I have declared this income in the UK and do not need to pay tax on it as it falls under the tax threshold.   My question is - when I declare this to the Finanzamt, what will happen? I read that the UK has a double taxation agreement with Germany and I cannot be taxed twice on the UK income, but will the Finanzamt add the UK income to my German income and tax me on the total amount?   I live in Germany for more than 180 days in the year, but still have a registered address in the UK.   I plan to become a German citizen this year (and keep my UK passport). Would that put me in a different tax position? Any help is greatly appreciated. xxxx
  4. A friend has been paying me rent in cash, which I haven't put in the bank yet. I was wondering if I was to deposit it next year, would it be an issue for my future tax declaration (offsetting expenses for that flat against that income). So the expenses are for this year and the income will be declared on this year's tax declaration but I guess the date of the deposit would be in the following fiscal year, as I'm abroad and won't be able to do the deposit before the end of the year.   A bit of a peculiar situation but It was pretty dumb not to think about this before...
  5. tenant huge gas bill

    Hi, turns out a tenant of mine has a huge debt with the gas company for gas consumption in my flat (they didn't realize for ages) and he kept not paying. The bills are in his name but could the Gas company eventually come after me for the money if he refuses to pay?   Thanks