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  1. Hi,   We are moving to Munich as my husband has a new job at Siemens starting in October. We will be in Munich on Saturday the 21st to Sunday so would be available to view properties then.  We are:  - 2 adults and 2 children (3yo and a baby) - Non smokers - No pets - Search area: south Munich (Trudering/Berg am Laim etc.) -Preferably unfurnished -Max KM would be 2200 per month.  -Moving in date: ASAP due to imminent start of job. - Nationality: German and British.    If you have anything that would fit the bill, we would be most grateful if you could drop us a line.   Many thanks and best regards,     Fleur
  2. Hi, I'm currently a resident in Berlin and own a few flats that I rent out. Just considering the potentially  dumb idea of relocating to the UK in the future (even though Brexit might make this complicated). I was wondering in anyone had been in a similar situation and could advice on what the main things to consider might be,  taxes on rental income, any potential bureaucratic nightmare I might not foreseeing, etc.    Thanks in advance!
  3. How's it possible, when you have a gas tank sunk into the ground and you're paying a fixed rental fee, they suddenly hike the monthly cost due to commodity prices? It's a small amount - relative to the price of gas whose price of course varies - but the principle's interesting. Yet on the paperwork I know after 10 years I will own it, and the amount I would have paid for it over that time.  I'm asking the firm where in the (very) small print contract it says 'the market price of steel can effect the price'! Anyone experienced this?
  4. Hello    I am living in Berlin for 3 years and I had a temporary contract for my flat. It is now time to find something permanent. My landlord recommends me to give an advertisement to newspapers to find a place near my current area but I am not sure it works or not in Berlin.   Do you think it is a good idea? Do you know any online newspapers to do this?    Thank you