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  1. Hi,   My landlord (Hausverwaltung / Property Management company) has sent me a letter asking to pay temporary reduced rent. In the calculation they have mentioned Sammelheizung (collective heating) as Yes.   I played around with the following rent calculation form:   I noticed that Sammelheizung Yes or No makes a huge difference in the rent calculation. Hence, I wanted to understand if my situation comes under Yes or No. My heating situation is as follows:   I have a separate gas meter inside my house. After moving into the apartment I applied for the gas connection and paying the monthly bill for the same. Whenever house heater or hot water is started, the meter is running. I am mentioning this because I never got a clear answer from the landlord (Hausverwaltung / Property Management company) about heating situation (Hausverwaltung is pretty clueless and unresponsive).   More information about Sammelheizung as per Google Translation of this page: Under a collective heating all types of heating are to be understood, where the heat and power from a central location from happening. A floor heating or apartment heating (gas, oil, electric heating) that heats all living spaces adequately is equivalent to collective heating.   My case seems to be individual heating and not collective heating. I wanted to confirm my understanding before I write to the property management company. Can someone provide insight on this?   Thanks.