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  1. Handover protocol

    Hello,   I recently moved into an apartment. I had a quick look at the apartment and signed the handover protocol saying everything looks fine. But after 3 days i noticed a small dent on the parquet flooring. I have also taken the pictures showing timestamp. Now am wondering if the landlord can hold me responsible for it just because it was not mentioned in the handover protocol?   thank you 
  2. Finding a house in Mannheim

    Hello, I am moving to the Mannheim/Ludwigshafen area in first of July for a new job. I am actively looking online for an apartment but so far I am not getting any replies and the posts themselves are not plenty. I am using sites like immowelt, immobilienscount and wg-gesucht and facebook market.   any tips that someone can help me with? I would appreciate the help. Thanks!
  3. Two-room apartment, 53 sqm, with balcony, located in Ludwigvorstadt (Munich city center), suburban train and subway stations Central Station (S1-7/U1/U2/U4/U5/U7/U8), Goetheplatz (U3/U6), Theresienwiese (U4/U5) und Sendlinger Tor (U1/U2/U3/U6/U7/U8) are all about a 5-minute walk away, monthly rent is 1250 EUR + incidental costs,   NO AGENCY FEES,   Available from 01-05-2020.
  4. Our lease specifies we need to ask permission to have a pet in our apartment.  We made the request, were asked more information about the type of dog (breed and size) and after we answered (small dog, less than 8kg and provded a couple.of possible breeds), we receive the ok from the owner.  However, in addition to being told of course that we would be responsible for any damage the dog may create, we are asked to pay 20 Euros per month in extra rent.  No real explanation is provided (except that this is for the use of the apartment and building).  While this is not a huge amount, we would not pay extra rent if we had another kid.  We also are liable for damages anyway.  Is this normal practice?  Is it legal?  Any advice on how to deal with this?
  5. Moving out and Inspection

    I am moving from my current apartment. I have live here for 4.6 years. The apartment was not renovated when i moved in only the walls were painted. There were somethings that i had mention to my landlord to fix couple of months ago and he said he will do it (verbally) so far he has not done yet and now we are moving out. One of the glass window is cracked from inside which we believe that we have not done. We have reported this also to landlord. There are general wear and tear in the Kitchen. So the question is who will be responsible for these as i am moving out and what worse i can expect to tackle the situation. Thanks for your suggestions.
  6. Room for rent in München

    I am renting my bright spacious room located next to the Oktoberfest. The apartment is located ground floor in a sunny bright backyard in a quiet area merely 2 min from the Oktoberfest. There is everything here you may need (washing machine, kitchen utensil, hair dryer and much more) plus the bed is extremely comfortable due to a new mattress. There is a big Garden with a BBQ that the renter is free to use anytime!
  7. Hello,   We are an Indian couple looking for an apartment with the following requirements.   Warm Rent - 1700 Euro max Number of people - 2(Married Couple) Size - Minimum 60 sq mts Location - within 6 km of city center. Preferably within 5 minutes of a U Bahn/S Bahn station. Move In date - Immediately/asap Apartment type - Furnished. Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Fridge(with freezer) are needed.  Parking space - not needed   Feel free to contact me on 015237826092 if you need further details or have an offer.
  8. Rent in Freising

    How much rent should I expect to pay for a three room apartment with a fitted kitchen in Freising?  As I would rely on the public transport, I want to live relatively close to Freising city center.    Thanks in advance!   Best regards, Saurabh  
  9. Hello everyone, I signed a contract with a landlady, paid the 3660 Euro deposit in cash (stupid me, but at least I have a receipt) and had to move in this November. But 12 days before the contract starts she wrote me an iMessage that she needs this apartment for her daughter and we will not move in.  She offers me another apartment, but that was unsuitable for my family, so I asked to send me my deposit back asap.  And now I still can’t receive my deposit back. She tells me that she is in Iran with her family, that because of sanctions she can’t send me my money back and I have to “relax and wait”, called me a "cheap person" and was very rude. And now she is not even answering me anymore. She also did not put her own house number and postal code in the contract (only the street). Is there a way to get her postal address somehow? What can I do in this situation? Find a lawyer or try to get Mahnbescheid (court payment order) myself? I am also a member of Mieterverein Muenchen, but they were very useless and ignorant with my case, and I still have 1,5 months of waiting time for legal expenses coverage. So I just spent time with them without any results.  Would appreciate any advice, thank you!
  10. Paying Double Rent

    Hi All,   My girlfriend and I have hit a (somewhat) common problem here in Munich. Earlier this week we gave notice to our landlord that we want to move out. Out move out date is the end of September.   We were successful in applying for a new apartment late last week and recently signed the new lease. We asked out landlord if we could have a Nachmieter but he took a few days to get back to us. Unfortunately because of the rental market here in Munich, we had to sign ASAP. He told us today that we can't have a Nachmieter because (he says) he already has someone lined up to take over in October - no earlier. As such, we now have to pay double rent for August and September (about €8000 in total for 2 apartments for 2 months - yay Munich...).   My question is: is there anyway we can avoid or lessen the amount of double rent we have to pay?   We've heard the story that if we find 3 suitable Nachmieter then we have fulfilled our obligations and can leave early without having to pay the extra rent. I've looked into this and is seems like it's just a rumour, as we don't have anything like that specified in our contract. I also thought that we could move most of our stuff and Untermieter the second apartment for the two months, but I'm not sure if that's allowed under our new rental contract. We could potentially get away with it, as the landlord lived in South Korea, but it would be a bit sketchy.   I've become a member of the Munich Mieterverein today and asked them to set the record straight on both possibilities.   I've also considered that we could claim a Werbungskosten for doppelte Haushaltsführung (double home costs). The problem is that we are only moving across Munich. My current (old) apartment is 10 minutes from work, while my new one is 30 minutes from work. The commute for my girlfriend has also gone from 20 to 40 minutes.   I've had a read here ( and it seems that it may be possible. Eine doppelte Haushaltsführung ist ebenfalls beruflich begründet, wenn Sie Ihre Hauptwohnung aus privaten Gründen vom Beschäftigungsort wegverlegen – und anschließend am Beschäftigungsort einen Zweithaushalt gründen, um von dort aus weiter Ihrem bisherigen Job nachzugehen (sogenannte Wegverlegungsfälle). ----- A double housekeeping is also professionally justified if you move your main home for personal reasons away from the place of employment - and then set up a secondary household at the place of employment to continue from there to your previous job   Is anyone able to clarify if this is applicable?   Thanks in advance!      
  11. Hi Everyone,    I think this is one of my first posts here, I view this forum a lot and it has helped me a lot since moving to Germany from the UK. Sorry for the long post that is coming.   I have some questions regarding an issue I am currently facing - not so much of an issue, I just want my money back for my deposit which I am owed (and I feel I am fairly owed).   So I moved into a flat in Köln in August 2018, could've been September but definitely in the autumn of 2018 as an Untermieter as the woman who was living there at the time moved to Berlin and wanted to rent out the apartment until her contract ended.   This was in the Chlodwigplatz area of Köln. She charged me 780 per month rent as well as an Abschlag of 600 euros which covered the fridge, TV, mirror there and a few other things, which I feel again was a waste of money but as a foreigner in need of an apartment it seemed like the right move.   I gave my Kündigung in March (6 months into my tenancy) as my dad had a heart attack and I did not want to stay in Germany knowing that he was unwell and could possibly fall further into illness. There were 3 months notice since announcing the Kündigung.   I left on June 30th and lived in an Airbnb for a week before flying back home to England, living in the UK before deciding to move back to Bonn in the autumn of 2019 as I had found a job there.   So, now the backstory is out of the way.  I paid a ridiculous amount of rent per month and as a foreigner I know for a fact she fleeced me for the price. I confirmed this once I gave the Besichtigung to the new German couple that moved in that told me they were paying a lot less money and wanted to ask if I was paying the same.   The Kaution was 3x the rent price so around 1600 euros give or take.. I closed my Sparkasse account so I am not entirely sure how much exactly, although I can always phone the Sparkasse KölnBonn to check my previous outgoings.   So as of now - December 2019 I still have not received my Kaution back from the apartment. This has now been 5 months and I was told there were no issues with the flat as I left, everything was in perfect condition and I was told I would receive the Kaution back as soon as the Nebenkostenabrechnung had been calculated and assessed.    I asked a few days ago and she told me she has received the Nebenkostenabrechnung for 2018 and will receive the one for 2019 in March when she is back in the Rheinland area. Once this has been calculated she will take away anything that I need to pay and give my deposit back (8 months since I left the property).   Is this legal? I am more than willing to admit that as a foreigner desperately searching for a flat I signed the contract knowing it was too expensive and I can say I have learned my lesson in this regard. However, I feel it is unfair to still hold my Kaution which is around 1500 euros.    I am sure she will try to fleece me here as well, I am willing to take a 500 euro loss on the Kaution, although more than that feels unfair.   I work with lawyers and I am tempted to get one of them to write a letter demanding the money - if I am in the right.   I still have the contract, the written abschlag, the text messages from her and screenshots I took every month to show that I paid the rent.    Please help Toytown! and once again, sorry for the long post!
  12. Apartment contract cancelled

    So Xmas coming up and time of joy etc...yeah right unless of course u get screwed! Well I just been truly screwed by the Apts I am living at,  its actually owned by a hotel chain, but with long term apartments and been here nearly 2 years. Usually renewing contract was simple, contract runs out end of this month, so just tried to renew and they said I have to get out! I thought are these people kidding me? Apparently what happened, the place has changed owners and  my rent contract is cancelled end of December and I have to move out, as all the places are now occupied.   What pisses me off they didn't even tell me about it!!   Only found out yesterday when I tried to extend contract. I find this quite unbelievable. How the hell can they do this to people making them homeless at Christmas time, without even telling you. Well I'm truly screwed now I'm not going to find a place to live in such a short time, it was difficult enough last time  and took months. And expecting important mail,  new bank card and new passport is on its way and won't get here until about January, when I wont be here any more. So yeah think Merry Xmas is cancelled this year.