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  1. So our landlord (actually the giant property investment company that represents them) is a little slow in taking the usual direct debit that they've been drawing for literally years.   I was going to write a tentative email asking if everything's OK then stopped myself. Is this a good idea? I don't want them panicking and drawing it twice or something.   Anyone else experienced this? Is there any risk to just ignoring it (it's their problem after all, this was put in place years ago and they could have contacted me if there was a problem - which there isn't at my end)?
  2. I've a friend (EU citizen) who is moving over to Germany and I have offered him a room to stay in, in my house.   It turns out that for him to officially register he is going to need to have a contract and a Wohnungsgeberbestätigung, which causes all kinds of problems because I'm not going to charge him rent, he'll be living with me as a partner of family member would for about 6 months or so.   I'm the owner of the house so that isn't a problem, I just don't understand how I can declare someone is legitimately living with me without paying any rent.   Can anyone offer me any advice or help me out with this?   D
  3. I am about to move out to a new place, and recently I discussed the painting of the apartment with my landlord for which I need some advice. When I moved into the apartment, walls (and the ceiling) had no wallpaper or paint. Well, the wall itself was made of some white material (sorry don't know what they call it), but it was full of bumps. Anyway, I put wallpapers on all walls and ceiling and painted them afterward. However, I chose a paper of different color for one of the walls in the living room. So, the landlord told me to either remove everything like the first day or change and paint the wallpaper of that wall in the living room instead. Well, the third option would be to come to an agreement with the next tenant!  Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to do too much repair job in the apartment, so I want to keep it as minimum as possible. But, I also do not want to hire others to do these stuff as I know it will cost a lot even for small work. Since this is my first time to move to another place (in Germany), I like to hear people's advice on that.   
  4. Hello everyone, I opened the mailbox today to find a letter from our landlord, UIS, informing us that unless we pay rent before 30/July we will be thrown out. Do they have the power to throw us out? I  was subletting my furnished room to another person while away on internship. I didnt know he, nor the other roommate werent paying. So do they have a legal basis to throw me out I have attached the letter to this post.   Address - 09599 Freiberg Androhung fristose Kündigung  Sehr geehrte Wohngeneinschaft, bei der Überprofung des Mietkontos haben wir festgestellt, dass Sie die Mietzahlung für die Monate Januar bis Juni 2021 nicht vollstandig geleistet haben. Trotz unserer Mahnung vom 04.06.2020 haben Sie keinerlei Zahlungen vorgenommen Ein Recht Miete einzubehallen oder zurückzubehalten wurde von Ihnen nicht behauptet und steht Ihnen auch nicht zu. Bei den offenen Mietzahlungen handelt es sich um den Mietanteil von Hern X und Herm X. Da Sie für die Mietezahlung gesamtschuldnerisch haften, fordern wir Sie im Namen des Wohnungseigentümers daher eindringlich auf, den nunmehr offenen Betrag in Hohe von 3.649,77 € welcher sich wie folgt ergibt:  Nachzahlung BK 2019,  Miete Januar 2021  Miete Februar 2021  Miete Marz 2021  Miete April 2021  Miete Mai 2021  Miete Juni 2021  Miete Jul 2021  gezahit Gesamtrückstand 3.649.77 bis zum 29.07.2021 auf das Konto/IBAN: DE X, BIC: GENODEF1DL1 bei der VR Bank Mittelsachsen eG auszugleichen Solten Sie Ihrer Zahlungspflicht bis zu diesem Termin erneut nicht nachkommen, kündigen wir thnen die Wohnung fristios zu 31.07.2021. Für die Übergabe der Wohnung haben wir uns den 30.07.2021 um 14.00 Uhr vorgemerkt.  
  5. Hello,    I am going to relocate to Berlin together with my family. We don't know anybody in town and before we actually find a place we'd like to rent, we'll need to have a short-term accommodation. I suppose that the short-term rental would be for at least 1 month and if we are not successful, then possibly longer. We have 2 little children (aged 1 and 4). I found a website called wunderflats that seems to specialize in short-term lettings. Would you please be able to suggest where else can I search? We don't need anything very central and would be especially happy to explore Falkensee and the area around.