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  1. Because our landlord refuses to repair the heating (it's on in our child's bedroom and I can't turn it off), I have just sent them a letter saying that I am paying 10% less rent until it is fixed (Mietminderung). At the same time I sent a letter to cancel the direct debit authorisation (Lastschriftverfahren), so I will need to transfer the rent myself (and thus can deduct the 10%).   I just noticed there is a clause in the rental contract that states that when I transfer the rent myself, they will charge 15 euros extra. Are they allowed to do that? I googled it, but couldn't find anything on it.   Bei Selbstzahlung hat der Mieter dem Vermieter dessen Buchungsmehraufwand mit einer monatlichen Zahlung von 15,00 euro zu vergüten.
  2. Hi all, I recently graduated from uni and started working full time here, and have had abysmal luck with finding a WG. There's one offer from a 3 person Zweck-WG that I'm considering, and I did visit the place and meet the main tenant (both don't seem shady), but she's requested a minimum rental contract of one year. I don't know if this is the norm, or if this is indicative of a bad living situation (previous unsatisfied tenants wanting to jump ship) and this will lock me in. Also, I'm still in my six month Probezeit and there's always the uncertainty of me still being there after.   On a related topic, I also wanted to ask your thoughts on the rental costs compared to income - it's €500 Warm against my €2500 monthly salary, before taxes. It (just barely) meets the "30% of your salary) rule, but I don't know if I should take the risk and look for something cheaper - my current lease ends end of May.
  3. I am about to move out to a new place, and recently I discussed the painting of the apartment with my landlord for which I need some advice. When I moved into the apartment, walls (and the ceiling) had no wallpaper or paint. Well, the wall itself was made of some white material (sorry don't know what they call it), but it was full of bumps. Anyway, I put wallpapers on all walls and ceiling and painted them afterward. However, I chose a paper of different color for one of the walls in the living room. So, the landlord told me to either remove everything like the first day or change and paint the wallpaper of that wall in the living room instead. Well, the third option would be to come to an agreement with the next tenant!  Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to do too much repair job in the apartment, so I want to keep it as minimum as possible. But, I also do not want to hire others to do these stuff as I know it will cost a lot even for small work. Since this is my first time to move to another place (in Germany), I like to hear people's advice on that.   
  4. Dear All,   We are searching for 3 room apartment to move on 15.05.2019, with my wife and baby son. Furnished or Unfurnished both will work for us. The maximum budget is 1400 Euro.   The preferred location is between Unterschleissheim to City Centre.    Kindly support by providing us some links, contacts or apartment viewing appointments.
  5. Closed basement parking available for renting Available immediately, no fixed contract; near haderner stern/ Gondrellplatz/ Stiftsbogen,. Ubahn station/tram/bus station is close by. 80 Euro per month   Contact number : +49 1521 3642583 Address : Schrofelhofstrasse
  6. Hello! I'm Rinalda, recently moved to Munich. Me (27, PhD Researcher) and my boyfriend (28, IT Software QA Specialist) are looking for a bright 2 room apartment in the areas: Bogenhausen, Berg am Laim, Maxvorstadt, Unterfohring, Schwabing, Au Haidhausen. Mostly, we want to be close to the S8 and/or next to a park, would be lovely to be within walking distance of the city centre. These are all factors that we can juggle with, depending on what we find! We are looking for something under 1100 euros (warm). We also have a lovely norwegian forest cat, so the place must be okay with cats. A quiet area (no screaming children) would be preffered, since I work from home. Or at least a well-isolated apartment If you know of something that sounds like what we are looking for, please drop me a line! You can also contact me at It would be great to recive pictures of the apartments, and maybe arrange a viewing as well. We would like to rent it from may onwards. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, I am a 27 years old girl from Italy, and I am looking for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Munich. I´m employed full-time since over 2 years as a designer (my work contract is permanent). I can provide my last pay slips, work contracts, as well as a copy of my SCHUFA. I would rent the flat long-term and only 1 person (me - female, 27) would live in the apartment. My move-in date is flexible. Ideally I would prefer an unlimited time contract, or a flat that´s available for at least 1 year. I do not mind if the apartment is unfurnished, as I already have some furniture from my previous place! Please contact me via provate message or by commenting here below. Thank you!
  8. Hello dear community,    My name is Tom - I'm excited to be starting a new position in Munich (relocating from London) in around the April/May period and am in need of a basic yet modern apartment that's well connected to Public Transport.   I'm 25 years old with no pets and I don't smoke. I'd be moving in alone. I'm an avid lover of the great outdoors; running, skiing and cycling are especially fun for me, hence my enthusiasm to come to Bavaria!    I'll be employed in the Berg am Laim area, so anywhere to the West of the City, on lines S5 or S6 would be ideal. The Western end of the U2/7 would also be perfect. However, I'm willing to consider anywhere, within 30 minutes by public transport, to the area I'll be working.    Aiming to keep the price to < 1000 EURO Cold Rent. Preferably looking for something short term (6 months), however open to look at longer contracts.    Please let me know if you have something suitable!    Cheers,    Tom 
  9. 2 bedroom apartment with patio and private garden in lovely neighborhood, adjacent to a park, walking distance to U-Bahn and S-Bahn. 70 m2, large living/dining area. Open plan brand new kitchen, fully equipped. Renovated bathroom.   The address is Niemöllerallee 10 in 81739 München.   You can see the photos of the apartment here:   The monthly rent is 1.980,-EUR all inclusive heating, water, electricity, internet, parking (underground). Available for rent from December 2018 for max. period of 3 years or less.   Please contact for viewing appointment 0177.4572140
  10. Dear all,   I am a freelance artist and designer, and this is the first month I have changed my status from a Kleinunternehmer to a small business (with VAT-ID and so on).   I am unsure how to proceed to declaring (and thus receiving probably tax reduction) from the rent of my atelier for work. I pay directly to the owner the sum of €230 monthly, and I do have a contract, but nothing is stated about the taxes. I have heard that it is possible to do it, but I am unsure the amount of taxes, and also where exactly to put it (should I compute it together with all the other Mswt products and services I have bought or hired in the past month?).   And advice would be of extreme help. I have no Steuerberater and I am trying for now doing it by my own.   Thank you!   Best,   Luiz.