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  1. Apartment contract cancelled

    So Xmas coming up and time of joy etc...yeah right unless of course u get screwed! Well I just been truly screwed by the Apts I am living at,  its actually owned by a hotel chain, but with long term apartments and been here nearly 2 years. Usually renewing contract was simple, contract runs out end of this month, so just tried to renew and they said I have to get out! I thought are these people kidding me? Apparently what happened, the place has changed owners and  my rent contract is cancelled end of December and I have to move out, as all the places are now occupied.   What pisses me off they didn't even tell me about it!!   Only found out yesterday when I tried to extend contract. I find this quite unbelievable. How the hell can they do this to people making them homeless at Christmas time, without even telling you. Well I'm truly screwed now I'm not going to find a place to live in such a short time, it was difficult enough last time  and took months. And expecting important mail,  new bank card and new passport is on its way and won't get here until about January, when I wont be here any more. So yeah think Merry Xmas is cancelled this year.
  2. Untermiete & Kaution / Subletting & Deposits

    Dear TT,   Not sure if this is the right place to ask, so be kind if elsewhere is needed.    I'm the main tenant of a new office space and in the process of finding a number of subtenants to use the space with me. I've been given permission by the Landlord (Untermieterlaubnis) to sublet the place, while remaining main tenant - so it's all legit.    While working on drafting up the subletting contracts, I read online that asking for a deposit (Kaution) from each subtenant would mean I need to open up a separate account for these for the duration of their lease.   It seems like a lot of work and additional hassle - and ideally, I'd like to find a way to make this process as easy as possible for myself, while still abiding by regular practice and regulations. My question is as follows:   - What is common practice when it comes to managing deposits from multiple tenants? Is one supposed to open up a separate account for each? Would depositing them all together in a separate savings account of mine work? - Alternatively, am I allowed to 'not' ask for a deposit (to thereby circumvent additional administrative work for myself in terms of managing these funds)? Is there anything I could put in the contract instead to bolster up my safety?   Thanks for your thoughts.   
  3. Hi   My wife and I are moving to Munich in October and are looking for a two room (one bedroom) apartment to rent north of Altstadt (Maxvorstadt, Schwabing, Milbertshofen, Am Hart), preferably close to the U2 line, for 2+ years. I will be working as a researcher at TUM/Helmholtz Zentrum München and we are both tidy, quiet non-smokers and have no pets.   We are moving from overseas so taking over a lease from someone who is leaving and needs to sell their furniture etc. would suit us perfectly. We are also looking for temporary accommodation for a few months from October.   Thanks!   Luke
  4. Background : Myself and my boyfriend were living in a WG and we have been looking for an apartment together in Berlin for 9+ months and have finally secured one and signed the contract two weeks ago with a view to move on the 1st. November. But he has now got cold feet and needs time to consider whether he wants to continue with our relationship (we've been together 4 years, in our early 30s). Obviously I'm heartbroken but he's my best friend and respect his need to have some time to think. He is planning to stay in our WG (his friend's place) until he decides what to do.    I would like to still move into the apartment and best case scenario he decides that he'd like to join me. But if he decides not too, I would like to stay in the apartment, financially it's not an issue for me to cover the full rent, and I guess we would ask the landlord to release him from the lease.    The Catch : The landlady is incredibly risk averse and wouldn't initially rent to us because my partner is English (brexit) despite having residency and a permanent contract. And then we had to submit insane amounts of paperwork and jump through a ton of hoops. She allowed the previous tenant to sublet for a year to a couple (as he wanted to move in with his partner) with a view that they could then take the lease but she decided against them last minute due to the woman moving to part-time work, hence we secured the apartment.   I work freelance, and even though I earn 5x the warm rent, healthy savings and have letters from long term clients and whole forests of paperwork from my account and tax returns, I suspect that without a dual income she won't want me to stay.   In the ideal (not ideal) situation we wouldn't say anything to the landlady until my partner has time to decide what to he wants to do and if he sadly chooses not to move in, we could then ask her to remove him from the lease and hope that since we've paid rent on time for a few months she may be more lenient. BUT there is a section in the contract that states that we have to register within one week and send her a copy of our Anmeldung, so the cat will be out of the bag from week one.   Sorry about the long post, fairly stressed about the prospect of being homeless on top of everything - I've seen friends in Berlin search for 6-12 months even just to find a room in a WG.   My questions :  Should I get a lawyer and is there any hope that there is a case to let me stay in light that I can afford it? If she does try to evict us/me, will the the 3 month notice period apply so I have some time to try and find a new place?   TIA for any help + guidance!              
  5. Hi,    Should my bank account in Germany be frozen/blocked, is it ok to pay rent from a bank account outside Germany? Naturally, I would cover all transaction fees.    Regards, 
  6. Hi, I am living near 5 years at the same apartment. So far I renew the contract every X months (i.e.  the notification period is the contract duration). It is an all included contract (heating, water, electricity, etc.). Someone recently told me that after 5 years we should switch to a "permanent contract" by law. Can someone clarify it? Thanks!
  7. Hi All,   I am moving to Munich to start a new job and currently looking for somewhere to live from September onwards. I am 27 years old and from London. My budget is flexible but I am looking for a 1 person flat/apartment   Any offers or any other questions please feel free to ask!   Thanks, Callum
  8. Hello everyone,  I am getting ready to move in together with my partner in a new flat and I would like to rent out my current flat - which I own - furnished since the new place has a fully functional kitchen and my partner and I have more than double furniture.  Does any body has any experience with furnished rentals, as a landlord, and is willing to help with the below question?  Most people interested in rent furnished flat are either new to a city or coming from abroad, so I guess they are looking to have as minimum paperwork to deal with.    Pros / Cons for providing an internet contract in my name? Heating/water costs? how to deal with potential high costs if a tenant likes to have 25C inside the flat?  Does the Hausverwaltung need to be informed about the new tenant?  In case the tenant is to pay for the Heizenkosten, how can determine the meter reading, in and out, and do the calculation of costs?  Do I need to have any insurance as a landlord when renting out? Does anyone have a draft contract for furnished rentals?   Many thanks in advance  
  9. Dear all,   Here is the situation : I am living in a WG for over three years. Since last year, two of my roomates left and I am the only one remaining as my landlord did not wish to rent anymore and creating new contracts. I finally understood recently why. He is going to sell, at the end of the year, the full building made out of 5 floors = 5 appartments. The contract is a bit odd as basically it is the same since 1995 made with the first three tenants, and each new tenant got their names replaced over time with a new copy contract.   I am a bit stressed because I wish to remain in Germany at least until the beginning of next summer, when my work contract ends, and I am panicking at the idea of having to find something for such small time, as it is really hard to find anything in Darmstadt. He never wrote me a letter for ending my WG contract though, but he is asking (harassing ?) me all the time about how I should leave as soon as possible. I read other posts about landlord wishing to sell their properties, and I feel that if he could have kicked me out with a piece of paper, he would already have done it. Should I be afraid that it could kick me out soon because of the WG contract (three persons initially with an independant cost for each room ?). I read also somewhere else I should join a Miterverein. I am open for other advices, especially what is the most suitable approach to manage things with him, as he is, to be fair, a old grumpy guy .   Thank you a lot    
  10. I have been renting a flat in Berlin since November 2016. The water and heating are part of the Nebenkosten which I pay to the landlord on top of the rent on a monthly basis. It is now almost two years since I started renting this flat and still have not received an actual bill for these costs to check how much has been consumed. I'd imagine it to be in my rights to know if I am due to pay the difference or receive a refund if the bill differs from the estimated Nebenkosten. I've asked the landlord back in March 2018 if they had received the bills for the period from November 2016 till November 2017; however, the landlord replied saying that they were waiting from the Hausverwaltung and that they would have kept me informed. Since then, I never brought up the subject with the landlord again.   My question is if it's normal in Germany to have to wait all this time? I can't dare to imagine how stressful it might be the day that I will move out and having to wait for ages to receive back the deposit!
  11. Hi all,    my name is Ian, and I will start my study in TUM this September, so I would like to know if you would have an available apartment/studio for rent.   Wish List: Location: within 500m near any U2 stations.  Room Type: apartment/studio (independent toilet & small kitchen are must, bicycle parking lot and shower (instead of bathtub) is a plus) From: 10 September 2019 (flexible to your schedule) Expected length: 24 or more months Size: 18 or more square-meter Budget: EUR 850 all-inclusive   About Me: 1. a quiet person without party friends 2. Non-smoker 3. used to work in banking, study master of management here 4. professional in English, B2 in German, used to work as intern in Germany   Contact: email: whatsapp: +886983621580   I look forward to an interview or quick chat with you, and feel free to get my Resume and other supporting documents when contacting me. Thank you!   Best regards, Ian  
  12. Hi  all I am moving out from my apartment  and it is free from July   It is 1 room fully furnished apartment, near olympiapark and ackermanbogen (one of the best locations of Munich) Suitable for one person but 2 also can fit for short time, there is a big double bed available. big bathroom with tub, build in kitchen etc..  bascially all items available to moive in like hotel   you can rent it for 2-4 months or 1 year.     price for 1 person 1000 euro and includes all costs except of internet and GEZ. wifi hotspots ara available in apartment for 25 euro     p.s in case of 2 persons price might increase slightly because of utility costs need to confirm with landlord    
  13. Hello Toytown,   At the end of April I accepted a job which would lead me to move from Dresden to Rostock. In early June, I asked my landlord what my options are to end my 2-year minimum apartment lease early, including that it was due to a job and that I was still waiting to be approved for my visa, so I wasn't sure if I would move. I was offered (only one) offer: to end the lease on August 31, 2019, and pay 2 months cold rent plus taxes (702 euros total) as damages for ending the lease early (bolded in the email chain below). I was approved for my work visa on July 15 and now plan to move out by the end of July.   Do you believe my landlord is offering me a reasonable offer and are there other options that I should be being offered (such as finding a Nachmieter)?   After looking through topics on similar situations, I think the offer is relatively reasonable. I would still appreciate your opinion and confirmation that I'm not overlooking or unaware of something which might entitle me to a better offer. In case it is relevant, I was let go on good terms from my previous job at the end of 2018 and the Rostock job is the only one I found which is relevant to my previous work experience.   Thank you for reading this far and for your help!   ..   EMAIL CHAIN FOR REFERENCE:   ANSWER:   Nach Rücksprache mit dem Eigentümer können wir Ihnen folgendes vorschlagen:   gegen Zahlung von 2 Kaltmieten, zzgl. MwSt., können Sie mit einer 3-monatigen Kündigungsfrist zum 31.08.2019 aus dem Mietvertrag entlassen werden   Wenn Sie mit diesem Vorschlag einverstanden sind, kann ich Ihnen ein entsprechendes Dokument per Email zum Unterschreiben und Ausdrucken zukommen lassen.   ..   MY ORIGINAL EMAIL:   ich habe kürzlich ein Stellenangebot in Rostock angenommen. Da meine Staatsbürgerschaft die USA ist, muss ich auf die Ausländerbehörde warten, um zu bestätigen, ob ich ein Visum für den Job erhalten kann.   Da mein Visumantrag noch in Bearbeitung ist, weiß ich noch nicht, ob ich ausziehen werde. Wenn mein Visumantrag abgelehnt wird, dann erwarte ich, dass ich in meiner Wohnung bleiben würde. Mein Auszugsdatum hängt davon ab, ob und wann mein Visumantrag genehmigt wird. Wenn mein Visum bald genehmigt wird, dann erwarte ich, dass ich bis zum 15. Juli aus meiner Wohnung in Dresden ausziehe.   Auch wenn ich noch nicht weiß, ob ich ausziehen werde, würde ich gerne wissen, was meine Möglichkeiten sind, meinen Mietvertrag vorzeitig zu beenden. Sind Sie bereit, einen Nachmieter zu akzeptieren? Gibt es noch andere relevante Optionen?  
  14. Because our landlord refuses to repair the heating (it's on in our child's bedroom and I can't turn it off), I have just sent them a letter saying that I am paying 10% less rent until it is fixed (Mietminderung). At the same time I sent a letter to cancel the direct debit authorisation (Lastschriftverfahren), so I will need to transfer the rent myself (and thus can deduct the 10%).   I just noticed there is a clause in the rental contract that states that when I transfer the rent myself, they will charge 15 euros extra. Are they allowed to do that? I googled it, but couldn't find anything on it.   Bei Selbstzahlung hat der Mieter dem Vermieter dessen Buchungsmehraufwand mit einer monatlichen Zahlung von 15,00 euro zu vergüten.
  15. Paying Double Rent

    Hi All,   My girlfriend and I have hit a (somewhat) common problem here in Munich. Earlier this week we gave notice to our landlord that we want to move out. Out move out date is the end of September.   We were successful in applying for a new apartment late last week and recently signed the new lease. We asked out landlord if we could have a Nachmieter but he took a few days to get back to us. Unfortunately because of the rental market here in Munich, we had to sign ASAP. He told us today that we can't have a Nachmieter because (he says) he already has someone lined up to take over in October - no earlier. As such, we now have to pay double rent for August and September (about €8000 in total for 2 apartments for 2 months - yay Munich...).   My question is: is there anyway we can avoid or lessen the amount of double rent we have to pay?   We've heard the story that if we find 3 suitable Nachmieter then we have fulfilled our obligations and can leave early without having to pay the extra rent. I've looked into this and is seems like it's just a rumour, as we don't have anything like that specified in our contract. I also thought that we could move most of our stuff and Untermieter the second apartment for the two months, but I'm not sure if that's allowed under our new rental contract. We could potentially get away with it, as the landlord lived in South Korea, but it would be a bit sketchy.   I've become a member of the Munich Mieterverein today and asked them to set the record straight on both possibilities.   I've also considered that we could claim a Werbungskosten for doppelte Haushaltsführung (double home costs). The problem is that we are only moving across Munich. My current (old) apartment is 10 minutes from work, while my new one is 30 minutes from work. The commute for my girlfriend has also gone from 20 to 40 minutes.   I've had a read here ( and it seems that it may be possible. Eine doppelte Haushaltsführung ist ebenfalls beruflich begründet, wenn Sie Ihre Hauptwohnung aus privaten Gründen vom Beschäftigungsort wegverlegen – und anschließend am Beschäftigungsort einen Zweithaushalt gründen, um von dort aus weiter Ihrem bisherigen Job nachzugehen (sogenannte Wegverlegungsfälle). ----- A double housekeeping is also professionally justified if you move your main home for personal reasons away from the place of employment - and then set up a secondary household at the place of employment to continue from there to your previous job   Is anyone able to clarify if this is applicable?   Thanks in advance!      
  16. Hi everyone,   i've moved to Munich almost a month ago and  I've recently started to be very discouraged by the fact that all of the landlords I've spoken with have refused me because I am a freelancer. The company I am working for asked for this kind of arrangement temporarily until I receive a security clearance needed for working on their premises. Because of that, I basically have no written proof that I will still have an income in 2 months. If anyone has any advice or knows someone that would agree to rent a 1room apartment to me, I would be very much grateful