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  1. Hi guys, I'm a freelancer/artist and searching for a long-term flat in Berlin. I know I can get a free Schufa report each year, but there are also paid versions. I wonder if the majority of landlords accept the free version? Do they have any difference?    It has been really hard to find a long-term flat without a working contract. I've been in Berlin for 3 years and moving around in different short-term studios/flats. Would really appreciate some help and advice, thanks a lot!
  2. rent increased before 3 years

    Hi,   I live in a single room apartment in Baden Württermberg. I've been living in this apartment since May 2019. Yesterday, my landlord (who lives at the apartment downstairs) knocked on my door and asked for an increase of the rent (50 euros) from 560 to 610 starting from this month. I wonder if this is legal.   Thanks!   Edit: to clarify, he didn't give me any written document. My rental contract still says 560 EUR, should I ask for a written document if what he did is legal?
  3. Recently I got an offer from an apartment in the city center. The apartment looks nice (despite some small defects on the floor). However, when I searched the property manager online, I found it has very bad reviews:,1,,,   Some people say the property manager responds very slowly to broken items in the apartment, and they also do not want to return your deposit for half a year.   Considering the reviews here, should I rent this apartment, or should I spend more time to find another? Thanks a lot in advance!