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  1. Are you a remote professional, freelancer, location-independent entrepreneur, or members of a distributed team? The Remote Work Collective is a unique place for you to network, and share great experiences!   Whether you’re seeking support, advice, or looking to transition into remote work, attend our meetups and you'll develop meaningful connections and feel empowered in your remote work lifestyle.   Looking forward to seeking you at our next meetup. RSVP:
  2. I am a non-EU/EEA/UK citizen and have been a resident in Germany since 2017. I moved to Germany for my master's, and upon completion in 2020, I took up a Ph.D. research position at a University (full-time contract). A month ago, I resigned from my job as I had a new offer, but from a research organization in the UK. The new job starts next month however I wouldn't be able to move to the UK immediately due to some personal circumstances (covid, visa, family). The UK company is okay with me starting my work remotely from Germany, and I plan to relocate to the UK within 1.5 - 2 months.    In the 2021 financial year, I was taxed until last month by my previous employer, business as usual. From what I understand so far from my internet research, I would be liable to pay taxes in Germany (and not in the UK) while I work remotely from here for the next 1.5-2 months. The new contract, however, is based in the UK. Thus my employer wouldn't withhold my German taxes, which would mean that I will have to pay the taxes on my own. The tax situation I could identify the closest with is that of a freiberufler. I am not entirely sure if this is fully correct since I am technically an employee with the UK company. Moreover, I understand that the process of registering myself as a freiberufler is very complicated for the very short time I am going to be present in Germany. Could someone give me some tips as to what I could do in this situation? Moving to the UK immediately is unfortunately not an option for me.   A follow-up question in the same line is regarding social security and pension contributions for this period. I am not sure how this would work. Am I liable to pay them here in Germany or the UK, and how to go about it? It would be great if the tax experts in TT could help me out with this.