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  1. Hi TT Community,   Has anyone used remote notarization of the USA's form DS 5525 (absent parent's consent for a passport application)?   I've got to renew a minor's passport and of course it's more convenient for our family if only one parent goes to the consulate - meaning we need a notarized consent form.   Since Spring 2020 many states have authorized notary publics to do remote online notarization and various websites (e.g. have sprung up to make it easy to do.    Has anyone had an experience using a remotely notarized document successfully with a U.S. consulate here.  (e.g., Frankfurt, Berlin)   Berlin's American Citizens Services unit wrote me indicating it is okay:  "Electronic notarizations are acceptable if the notary public completed all of the notarization functions required by the form, such as verifying the affiant's signature (either in person or by an audio-visual link) and included the notarial certification on the form or document itself (or an attachment to the document).  Notarial certifications that must be verified on a website are not acceptable"   I find online notarization with a U.S. notary public easier and cheaper than visiting a German Notar.    As an illustration, I used a website to do remote online notarization with a video link for a U.S. Post Office change of address form.  I was in Germany, notary public was in Florida, the address being changed was in Illinois.  Post Office accepted it fine.  I'm pasting below that example.    Anyone do that for a consular document yet?