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  1. Hello, I'm on an EU Blue card for the last 2.5 years and my wife is on a residence permit and we are living in Berlin. My wife has found a job at a US-based company as a Tech Recruiter. But she is going to work from home remotely permanently and receive a monthly salary. Until now, she was insured under my TK (she does not pay anything as she is covered under my insurance). By contract, she will be a "consultant" for the company. I want to know what next step she needs to do? 1. Does she needs to register as a freelancer or Self-employed as there will be only one client/company she will be working with?  2. I'm assuming she needs to take separate insurance now. Please confirm. 3. Her company also provides unpaid leaves, she is planning to take it for 5-6 months after working with them for 2-3 months (Company is OK with that). In that case, what happens to her insurance contribution? Does she need to keep giving the insurance amount or she can stop/pause it for the months she has no income? Please advise. Best.