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  1. Hello All!  First time posting here, and I'm looking forward to browsing the site and posting more.  I currently live in Canada, and have been investigating opportunities to transfer with my firm to Germany.  I have spoken with a team in Germany, and they are in the process of putting a job offer together for me.  Before getting the offer though, I thought it would be good to do some research on what salaries are like in my field, as well as what I should be hoping for in terms of relocation assistance.  I have done a search on the site already for answers to these questions, but haven't been able to find any recent posts relating the field of work I am in.  So hopefully someone is able to help!   I work in management consulting at a Big 4 firm, currently working as a manager, and have nearly 10 years experience.  I speak very little German, though the team has told me that most of their clients are international businesses, and they conduct the majority of their work in English, which should work for me.  I am however very interested to become proficient in German, as I do not plan for this move to be short term.  I have done a search on, and found that the average salary for my position with my company in Germany is €73K per year.  Does this seem appropriate?  Also, do any expats have experience negotiating a higher salary than what they were offered initially?  Any tips to offer?   Next question is around location; I may have the choice to live in Munich or Cologne.  Does anybody have thoughts on the positives and negatives of each city, especially from an expat perspective?  I have heard that Munich has quite a large expat population, but tends to be more expensive.   Assuming I received an offer with a €73K salary, is that a reasonable wage to live off of in Munich or Cologne?  My wife is moving with me, but we have no kids and no pets, so just us two.  She is likely not to have a job immediately once we move, but we are hoping to find her a job soon.  We would like to live in a reasonably central location, with access to public transit, and not have a car.  In Canada, we live on two incomes, so I expect our lifestyle would change going to just one, but am curious how the €73K would leave us.   Lastly, the firm has indicated that instead of providing relocation assistance, they would provide a lump sum as a relocation allowance, and it would be up to me to manage the move.  Based on the research I have done, it appears that finding an apartment on our own would be very difficult, so I am interested in real estate agent services to assist with that.  What would I expect to pay for a service like that?  Also, we plan to move some household effects, but nothing too large like furniture or vehicles.  Any ideas on what shipping cost would be on a per cubic meter or kilogram basis?  I have not been able to find ideas of these costs anywhere, short of asking potential vendors to provide quotes.  I am really just interested in a rough estimate, so that I can put together an initial budget for the move and indicate to my firm whether their offered allowance would work or not.   Thanks in advance for any help you folks can offer!  I am looking forward to speaking with everybody here more, and getting started on my German adventure!
  2. Hi   I am newb here, and thanks for all your useful info here.   I had two telephone interviews in the UK with an internation company based in Ismaning and next week I will have a face to face interview. I have a master of computer science degree with 8 years of Oracle/ SQL server dba, data analysis and reporting /BI experience. So far that company is willing to pay 50000 euro + bonus +relocation package. I was told the income tax is very high in Germany, so do you think this salary is fair and enough for myself (married, but my wife is not with me at the moment)??   Thanks for yout time!!