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  1. Hey everyone,   I moved to Munich from the UK for a new job around six weeks ago. My employer provided a handbook to help expats with the move and suggested a relocation consultant. In the handbook was a price list with services offered.   I decided to use this consultant and had conversations and emails detailing my requirements for an apartment search. Her services were to arrange and accompany me to viewings (5), liaise with landlords and agents, coordinate deposit payment, accompany me to handover of keys, provide a summary of the rental contract in English, help setting up basic utilities, help setting up internet; mobile phone and TV fee and also setup insurances.   The consultant arranged and accompanied me to 4 viewings, from which I applied for and was declined twice. The others were unsuitable. I then found my own flat independently and stopped using the relocation services entirely. (Only 1 of the 4 viewings met the requirements that I provided initially).   I was then presented with an invoice for the full price of a premium relocation search package, the price for which nor selection of package had not been discussed at all prior to engaging with the consultant. The invoice also omitted discounts for all of the services not carried out by the consultant.     After explaining this to the consultant and offering a reasonable, reduced amount for services actually rendered, they refused and discounted Eur 150 from the initial price. Another, higher offer was made by me, which was also refused. I then received a letter from their lawyer demanding payment.   I feel that I am being exploited but don't have any legal background to support this and wonder if it is worth fighting. The amount in question is EUR 1595.   Any advice at all would be welcomed.
  2. Hi   I am newb here, and thanks for all your useful info here.   I had two telephone interviews in the UK with an internation company based in Ismaning and next week I will have a face to face interview. I have a master of computer science degree with 8 years of Oracle/ SQL server dba, data analysis and reporting /BI experience. So far that company is willing to pay 50000 euro + bonus +relocation package. I was told the income tax is very high in Germany, so do you think this salary is fair and enough for myself (married, but my wife is not with me at the moment)??   Thanks for yout time!!
  3. Hi everyone, I have been working in Germany for 5 years and have a Niederlassungserlaubnis.  I am going to take up a full-time job in Austria for a limited number of years, but want to keep my German address and commute a little. This should allow me to keep my German Niederlassungserlaubnis.   My questions are: 1. Health insurance: I am currently privately insured in Germany. After I change my job, do I have to continue paying for my private insurance in Germany? Given that my full-time job in Austria will cover health insurance already. What is the most cost effective way? 2. Pensions: What happens to the pension contributions that I have paid while working in Germany? 3. Second employment: I am trying to arrange a second employment contract with my current employer in Germany, in addition to my full-time job in Austria. As far as I understand, this is fine under Austrian law as long as the second employment does not exceed 8 hours a week. In this case, will my German employment contract still cover half of my German health insurance and other social insurance premium? What else should I pay attention to about having a cross-border second employment contract?   Many thanks!