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  1. I have signed an employment contract where it's possible for me to work on a mobile basis or in the office. It is been a long time since I spent time with my family, back home (in a non-EU country), and I would like to spend the maximum allowed time with them, while keep working with my current German employer, and then come back again to Germany.   I have a blue card and I am applying for a permanent residency. I read on the website that it's possible to stay up to 12 months (6 months for non-BC) outside Germany without affecting your residency, as long as you're not intending/ or show signs, that you are moving out permanently (for example: starting a job or studies ...etc).   I want to make sure I do everything lawfully. I will pay my taxes of course, and my private insurance, and all the other bills. The only thing that does not make a lot of sense to me is paying for rent for almost a year without being here. and I was thinking if I terminate my tenancy without de-registering, and at the same time rent a PO to receive mails, would be an acceptable thing to do? This way I'm still registered and no need to ask a friend to sublet a room for me or something like that. Otherwise, I would appreciate if you can guide me towards more lawful (less costly) alternatives?   
  2. Hi Toytown,    Just before Christmas I deregistered from Berlin as I had a job lined up in the UK (my home country). I was there over Christmas but came back to Berlin to settle my affairs. I got news yesterday that my job offer was rescinded and for now I have decided to stay in Berlin since I own a flat here, etc. My old employer has already said they would keep me in the company.    Am looking to re-register only a couple weeks after I had already deregistered. Is that going to look fishy somehow? And will that affect any of my previous details, like tax ID and so forth, or do these stay the same?    thanks!