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  1. Hey, just curious if you know any cool spots to hold an event anywhere in Berlin in a couple weeks (ideally central - I realize in Berlin that's a relative term)?   It would be for my company's conference. Something that can hold around 100 people ideally. We want to avoid stuffy old ballrooms with no windows, a place in a cool hotel or coworking space would be idea.   Open to all suggestions, thanks in advance!!
  2. Hello all,   I am a foreign student in Germany, I was recently working as a student in a company for 2 years, I intended to do my thesis with them but it failed due to odd reasons First I was told I should not work on a topic which did not suit me (despite them giving me the topic and allowing me to work on it for 3 months), second I was told my results and my work were not good, despite me providing results and writting an entire 80 page report about it. I was blacklisted from this topic and since it was a linked project with my office and my university, I was also blacklisted from the university department in question.   Aside from other things which included coworkers shunning me, and even a person who I respected greatly taking my chair and saying "you are a student so it does not matter if you don't have a chair". I decided to just let it be and tried to continue working there.   Last week everything was as usual, I went into the office, I was waiting on an email from the boss (who already knew about the chair and other issues) since he would perhaps set a meeting with another coworker for maybe termination or maybe a new project.   I turn in this week and my pin badge blinks red, suddenly IT guy comes and says my contract has been terminated, I ask if I can get some of my stuff from my desk, he agrees. Desk is empty, oh well ...    We continue talking and he says that my file has a termination notice of last month (July) which is weird since I was able to go into the building until last week.without problems. Then big IT guy comes and says yeah, contract is finished and that the boss told him (IT guy) and told me.    Last week still no email from boss, this week I can't get in. I decide not to make a big deal out of it and just walk out, IT guy wishes me the best and greets me escorts me out since I can't open the door.    What can I do? I really don't mind about legal issues and I can't pay for them anyway, but I would at least want a recommendation letter, can I get that? I already sent an email to HR about the letter, should I instead go and ask for it in person? 2 years would be empty in my CV without a recommendation letter.  Please advice, thanks!