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  1. Sending out an SOS!!! After teaching three cooking classes in a row lately, my fridge is in danger of being taking over by....egg whites. I have - I kid you not - over 1 liter of the slimy darlings. SO, I am looking for suggestions/recipes to make these guys into something that's not run-of-the-mill. We've done meringues (baisers), macarons, macaroons, omelets, pavlovas, angelfood cakes, and I cannot even get next to the idea of a cooked Italian or Swiss icing (frosting). Please do not tell me to freeze them, Rachel Ray. I have no room. So other than suggesting facial masques (I veture to say that I could supply enough for two cheerleading squads, but where to find them?), any/all suggestions/recipes are welcome. Thank-you, in advance.