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  1. I've received the determination of property tax value following the declaration for the Grundsteuerreform. It states that the notification of the property tax assessment amount will be sent around the beginning of 2025. I'm trying to understand though if I can already know the increase in the value that's called "Einheitswert" and which is stated on the Grundsteuerbescheid. I don't see this value on the document I've received, what I see is the Grundsteuerwert which I think should be something different. I know the Einheitswert for that flat is currently a few thousand euros and the Grundsteuerwert stated on this letter is a value close to the market value of the they're quite far apart.   I'm not sure if there's a way to know this value already (it is used to calculated taxes in Italy on real estate owned in Germany) or I will simply have to wait until 2025.   Thanks
  2. Hello,   Is there a way to get a document in Germany that indicates that I DO NOT own any real estate (house, apartment) in Germany?   I co-own an apartment in another country outside Europe & it is being sold. I need to bring proof that I don't own any other real-estate so I don't have to pay taxes on my part.   I understand that tax-wise it is better to transfer the sales money from an account in my name abroad to an account in my name in Germany - is there a way to transfer the money not directly from bank to bank? they charge such high fees...   Thanks!  
  3. Hi all, I am thinking of purchasing my first apartment and my boyfriend may live with me in it. Since he will be paying 'rent' to me, I think it would constitute a sublet (even though we might share the whole apartment 50/50). I was wondering, since I might add the income from sublet to my taxes, if I could also deduct the purchase costs and maintenance costs (50% of course) from my taxes. Thank you!