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  1. Hi Everyone, I have a situation. I was doing PhD, but quit for another topic in another city. My  Aufenthaltstitel  is valid until 2021. I left Germany it is around 4 months now, and planning to return and join my new program next month. I checked online that with  Aufenthaltstitel, I might return within 6 months. But I believe my residence permit is also tied with my previous PhD program. The  Anmerkungen: 18 ABS. 4. S. 1   I tried to write local German embassy for getting the information whether I need a new visa, or simply can return with my present Aufenthaltstitel, also wrote to the Rathaus of my last city, but did not receive answer. I would really appreciate if you could give any suggestion how can I get an official verification of my Aufenthaltstitel validity.