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  1. Regulation on Dangerous Dogs

    I need someone’s advice. There is a dog that usually roams around our neighborhood, especially in the playground, unleashed. It’s a pitbull or a staffy. My child and I were walking and the dog walked towards us and growled. The 2 seemingly high and drunk owners were sitting far. I shouted at the dog to stay away and I told its owner what the dog just did. The owners said the dog has no interest at my child and it is a brav and harmless dog. They said they even have papers stating that the dog can go around unleashed.   My partner said I can’t go to police because they still will not do anything about it because it is not urgent and nothing happened to us. I do have a video where the dog was going around without leash, when it came to us and growled, and the owners were so far away. But my partner said we are not allowed to take videos of people so it will not make sense to report them. Is this true?    Is it right to not report this incidence? Any advice?