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  1. Hello,   I am hoping to find the plans that show all drainage and waste water plans in my property. Is this something that can be aquired from the local authority or the local water provider? e.g. Bauamt
  2. I have a buyer for my apartment that I was lucky enough to find without a Makler. They've confirmed interest but I'm not sure what the steps are. If anyone who has experience with this could drop some advice, that would be great!  
  3. Insurance for Denkmalschutz house

    Hi, I bought a house which has Denkmalschutz and was built approx 1890. I have tried to insure it but the websites I have tried are saying "Unfortunately, only non-listed houses built between 1900 and 2024 can be insured." Does anyone know which companies I might have more success with please?
  4. Together with my wife, I am interested in buying a flat in Lankwitz. Unfortunately we have no experience with buying real estate and don't know how to position our offer. Should we offer the asking price, slightly less, or more? The only thing we know is that the owner already has two offers and he said he doesn't want to do 'Bieterverfahren', i.e. start a bidding contest between potential buyers.   The flat has been recently renovated and is in very good condition (they were planning to stay in the flat for much longer), so I'd expect that the seller won't want to go much down with the price. At the same time, I've noticed that the market in Berlin is currently so overheated that some sellers are very optimistic about the value of their properties to put it mildly.   I understand that this is a highly opinion-based question, but we don't know where else to ask.
  5. Hello   We have had an offer accepted on a German house. The seller is not using a Makler and has asked for a 1% reservation fee which essentially means we are committed to buying from them and they are committed to selling to us (regardless of higher offers). The sellers told us it was a first come first serve situation.   The house was built in 1962 and has the original roof. The gas boiler is from 2001. There is a slight slope when moving from one or the rooms to another. I couldn't see any signs of damp or mould but I assume these can be easily hidden. I don't know if subsidence is generally a problem with older houses in this area. It is Ostfriesland so practically a swamp.   I have done some research considering hiring a surveyor in Germany to check the property for major and minor issues. This is quite common in the UK and perhaps costs between 300-1500 depending on the detail of the survey.   Does anyone have experience purchasing a property in Germany and hiring a gutachter to perform a survey?