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  1. I am an expert writer, editor, proofreader, and communicator. I have written and/or edited reviews (music, art, travel), artist bios, various promotional content for creatives, mission statements, short stories, poems and song lyrics, fiction and non-fiction. I have been published in online magazines, recently edited a book on women's health and personal growth, proofread scripts for an ongoing television production, and am currently on a team editing a species identification app for a world-renowned large software company. My experience in nonprofit management, grant-writing, teaching effective writing, songwriting, and various creative community projects have enabled me to develop and refine a set of very sharp writing and editing skills. One of my specialties is enhancing and bringing color to dry or "boring" text. With a long creative writing background, including lyric writing, I am a specialist in improving rhythm, flow, and phrasing such that the text really comes alive. The feedback I am most often given is that my writing is approachable and accessible; I articulate concepts and themes in a way that allows the reader to grasp them with ease and enjoyment. I can edit and proofread any fiction or non-fiction content, including blogs, podcasts, video captioning and narration, film and TV scripts, website text, smartphone app text, grant proposals...and many more. I use Final Draft, Microsoft Word and Excel, Google Docs, Adobe Illustrator, WordPress, various Content Management Systems, and various website builders. "Eli is a great freelancer and he always finishes the work within the deadline and gives valuable feedback. We've worked together on more than one project and he's done a great job. We will continue to work together on other projects! Highly recommended!"   "Eli was super friendly, great at what he does, and awesome to work with. He was reliable and easy to get ahold of and has a really high degree of proficiency in the English language so I was impressed by his editing and proofreading skills. He also gave me great suggestions for what would give my writing better rhythm and flow, so it really exceeded my needs and expectations."