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  1. Hello! I have a question related to the processing time (as current as possible) for a Citizenship through naturalization application at the Regierungspräsidium in Darmstadt for a non-British person. We (family of 4) completed 8 years in Germany recently, and applied for citizenship through our local Rathaus in March (a couple of days before the lockdown). We received the invoice to pay the processing fees towards the end of May, and we paid it almost immediately. Since then it is complete silence. I understand the process takes time, but currently it is a black hole and we have no visibility on what is happening (or even IF something is happening).   Given this, I would like someone to share their experience (as recent as possible), with regards to the following: 1. How much time does it take, if you are not a British national (since there is the fast track process for them)? - was told it is around 12 months, but since we have not heard anything yet, we feel the current situation might have lead to further delays. 2. If everything is in order, do they just send the final confirmation? or are there interim steps? 3. If things are not in order (missing information/additional information they might need) or there are problems with the submitted documents - do they provide a deadline for providing additional information? 4. Is it appropriate to speak with the officer in-charge at the Rathaus, or even directly at the Regierungspräsidium to inquire on the status?   I know there are multiple posts related to Citizenship, but my question is specific to the office in Darmstadt, and the current situation. Hence posting this as a new thread.    The reasons to ask is not just impatience, but because our passports (Indian) are valid until early next year (Feb and April), and we would like to know if we need to apply for new passports, and consequently new Aufenthaltstitels etc. in good time. Not to mention the further delay this will cause in the citizenship application.   Thanks in advance for a response.   Cheers!