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  1. Hi,   I did as much research as I could (info4alien, frag-einen-anwalt etc and here as well) but did not find all the info I needed. Any kind soul providing some info would really be helpful. Thank you for your time. My situation: (newly crowned) German citizen, with decent financial situation (both my wife and I work in IT field). Only child to my parents. What I am trying to achieve: Trying to bring my old aged parents from India with deteriorating health made worse by helplessness during long periods of COVID lockdowns in India. Father: 80yo - 50% vision and hearing loss, diabetic, but otherwise healthy & mobile; Mother: 75yo, high degree of mobility challenges due to arthritis in almost all joints & osteoporosis, blood pressure & mild asthma added to it. Now with the threat of COVID infection looming, their day-to-day life is at the mercy of ecommerce service providers. Questions: 1. Has anyone succeeded appealing under §36.2 of AufenthG proving "außergewöhnliche Härte"? Do you see above mentioned grounds are good enough to prove this? 2. I know private health insurance for old aged persons could be exorbitantly high. But I read somewhere that all PKVs are bounded by law to provide a Basis Tarif (could @john g. kindly throw some light on this?). Also, since I will be paying for these, do you know if I can obtain tax relief for these amounts?   If this fails, I see only two possibilities: 1. Go back or make some sort of dual-living arrangements; 2. Shift to another EU country and insist on the EU free movement rights to bring the parents here. Both of these are a heavy burden on the overall family, so still trying my luck with the straight forward case.   Thanks a ton! Mario