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  1. Hello readers, Last Saturday (4th July), I had been cleaning my DSLR camera at the kitchen table. Due to my disabling physical condition, sometimes a very simple task takes a couple of days. After completing the cleaning, I took the camera out to  our balcony and shot photos of the sky. I wanted a clear background to check the sensor cleanliness. I brought the camera  in and placed it on a tripod. Put a lens cover on it, removed the battery for charging and the SD card for viewing on the computer. The camera stayed in the dining room by the balcony door for the afternoon. Oh, btw, it was pointed toward the ground.  Our landlord happens to own a restaurant/beer garden across the street. Two of the daughters came to my door screaming at me to stop filming their guests. I was taken back by this...whoa. I said come in and look. The camera is off, has no battery or SD card and a lens cover. Besides, it's not even pointing toward your property. Two hours later, the police showed up. I showed them the camera and all the details of what  I had been doing. He told me it looked OK and left. They met the landlord below the balcony and I was listening to them talk. The police told them the camera was off, no card and not pointing at the property. Friday the 10th, I received a letter telling me to cease and desist my actions of filming. (The camera stayed there 7 days in the same position) I was told it is illegal to have a visible camera, working or not to be visibly pointed at another person or property. Not only did I get threatened to be evicted if I did not move the camera, but I was also fined 1,000 Euros and have to pay 1/3 of the attorney fees. Well, needless to say, I contacted our two insurance companies to get covered for attorney fees. Today, both insurance companies denied our claim. So, here we are. We have until the 25th  to send in a signed letter and payment or face court.  My question of you is, how is this possible when there was no intent of photographing people or property? I am quite aware of German law concerning the photography of people or places. I have over 4,000 photos of the town and area we live in, but not ONE single photo of any person.  What is my legal chance of putting this behind me with minimal costs? To me, this is absolutely ridiculous. It all started because I parked my car on the  street and they claimed I was taking business from them by not allowing a customer to park. They said I intimidated and cause angst in the  customers by having my camera where it was. Frau landlord told me she didn't even see the camera, but customers did. HELP!!