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  1. Tax prepayment request from Finanzamt

    Good afternoon community.   I am an engineer living in Germany since 6 years. I‘ve always worked as an employee since I moved here in Aachen. However, in 2017 I worked in Belgium (still as an employee), but I kept living in Germany (since the workplace was not that far, Aachen is just 3 km from the Belgian border). However, in 2018, I started working again in Germany, always as an employee and without any kind of self investment or freelance additional job.   Long story short, my tax consultant forgot to submit the Belgian tax certificate, and for such reason the German state asked me in 2019 for a Prepayment of the taxes in the second quartal.   Hopefully, this amount of money has been directly taken from the Finanzamt in Aachen from the money that I should have received for the tax declaration of 2018 (self-submitted using a pc-tool).   Eventually, the prepayment has been confirmed and I received only the difference as the tax refund for 2018.   I called the Finanzamt last week, and they told me that it was not possible to stop the prepayment (since apparently the German state had suspect about my taxes situation, after no documents attesting that I was working in Belgium as an employee in 2017 were submitted).    However, the operator from the Finanzamt told me that I will get back those taxes payed in advance with the tax declaration of 2019.   And now my question: since I am using a pc tool to do my tax declaration on my own, how I will be able to declare the prepayment in the tax declaration of 2019, and thus get back the money I have payed in advance (and basically double, since I am an employee and my taxes are automatically deducted from my gross monthly income from my employer)?   Thank you in advance to everyone and greetings from Aachen!