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  1. Hi all, I am in a tricky situation in my current job and I'd be grateful for any advice you can offer. I was hired as a maternity replacement employee for 1 year. Later, my contract was extended by another 1 year which will expire in September 2021. The colleague who I was substituting has returned some six months ago and since then my responsibilities have been changed to include new areas and topics.   Now, I am a few months pregnant and my maternity leave starts on September 30, meaning my last day at work is on September 29. I do not expect that they will extend my contract despite good performance and real need of people in the team - the reason I was given: budget.   However, there are two factors due to which I think I can claim a permanent contract.   1. Another colleague of mine who was also hired temporarily to replace another employee on maternity leave has been promised a permanent contract and it will be finalized soon. For the longest time, she was also denied a permanent contract citing budget reasons but now it seems like she will get one unlike me.  In this scenario, can I claim for an extension too (though I am pregnant)?    2. In the meantime, I was put on a transfer list to a new company that will be demerged out of the current company. The announcement said that all employees on the transfer list have protection and that they will have the same contract terms in the new company as they currently do. The actual job descriptions and offers were supposed to come through by now but they have not. The rumor I hear is that some employees on the transfer list might not be offered anything in the end. In my case, I have the feeling that this might be due to the news of my pregnancy.    Can I claim a contract in this scenario?   Thanks and sorry if this is too detailed and specific. Hoping for some hints.