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  1. Pregnancy & Work

    Hi everyone. I would like to ask a couple of questions related to family planning. I haven't seen anything updated around so here it goes: - When must the employee warn the boss about the pregnancy? I am asking this because I don't know if by law there is anything forcing the woman to tell the boss as soon as she knows or anything else. - When/How to get a midwife? The doctor can suggest one correct? Or is it a more common way to get one? - For foreigners with babies... I did my re-search on internet on the law for this matter but just to confirm... a child born in Germany might get German nationality, am I right? If parents are from EU.  
  2. Parents to be- Group

    Hello Everyone,    We are located in Bonn & expecting a baby. We are looking to connect with people in a similar phase of life. Is there a group/ forum for Parents to be in Bonn? We would love to connect.  Looking forward. Thanks
  3. Mutterschutz for partner?

    Hi Everyone, This might be a strange question, I tried searching for an answer but couldn't find one... I am in early stages of pregnancy. I know that I can't be fired from my job no matter what because there is Mutterschutz. But my partner is starting a new job soon, and I am wondering when he should inform his employer and if he has any kind of protection so that they don't fire him because of my pregnancy? He might want to take a couple months of Elternzeit when I have the baby, which I'm not sure the new employer would like...    Thanks