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  1. Hi Toytowners!   I have been following the forum for a month and got many helpful ideas about daily of Germany. Thanks for all these advices and helps.   Me and my wife are living out side of EU (Turkey). We're not EU citizen.  I got a postdoc stipend (it's tax free, so I have to pay my insurance) and we have been preparing ourselves for moving to Berlin since last month.  Last week we got a great news! We are going to have a baby. Now we have to check our moving plans again. The host insitute adviced to me a simple private insurance plan, but from what I've read on Toytown, I realized that it does not really cover much. So I'm still looking for a health insurance which would cover an existing pregnancy. I have two urgent questions, and would be very happy if you give any advice.   1) After explain my concerns about private insurance, the officer of host institute offered me another option to getting an insurance from public insurer TK which is 10 times more expensive (around 500 eu)  than private one.  If I accept to pay this amount, would it  cover an existing pregnancy?   2) I have also read that even if Turkey is not an Eu member, there is a special agreement between Turkey and Germany, which is if you are insured in Turkey you may apply for its transfer. Does it work as much as the service that a public insurance gives?   Thanks in advance.