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  1. Mutterschutz for partner?

    Hi Everyone, This might be a strange question, I tried searching for an answer but couldn't find one... I am in early stages of pregnancy. I know that I can't be fired from my job no matter what because there is Mutterschutz. But my partner is starting a new job soon, and I am wondering when he should inform his employer and if he has any kind of protection so that they don't fire him because of my pregnancy? He might want to take a couple months of Elternzeit when I have the baby, which I'm not sure the new employer would like...    Thanks
  2. Parents to be- Group

    Hello Everyone,    We are located in Bonn & expecting a baby. We are looking to connect with people in a similar phase of life. Is there a group/ forum for Parents to be in Bonn? We would love to connect.  Looking forward. Thanks
  3. Getting a little desperate here so I'd appreciate any help / experience based opinions!   My girlfriend gave birth to our son in June, three weeks prematurely, and when we arrived at the hospital we were asked if we were privately insured. We are privately insured through AXA, we took out the policy shortly after finding out about the pregnancy, because she was told by their rep that she gets a private room with them and special care from a 'chef-artzt'. However, there is a clause within the policy that states they won't pay out for the birth of a child if it takes place within the first (I've forgotten how many) months, and our son was born six days before the date that they would pay out. We've spoken to Allianz to ask if they can do anything for us, but as you would expect, their response was negative.   So, the bills have been rolling in over the past couple of months, and we're somewhere around the €4700 mark now. We've spoken to AOK to see if they can pay out, just to cover the costs that they would normally cover, but they're saying that because we told the hospital we were privately insured, they can't do anything about it. As it happens, we didn't get a private room, and the only time we saw the 'chef-artzt' was the day we were leaving the hospital, he came in, cracked a joke about us not being married (awkward) and then pissed off, barely even looking at our baby. It's all a bit stressful, and with our financial situation tight enough as it is, it's impossible to foot a €4700 bill, which would normally have been taken care of by AOK, if we'd have just told them we weren't privately insured from the start. Again, any help is greatly appreciated.    
  4. Hello All,   Like I already pointed out in my previous post me and my wife are preparing to handle the pregnancy of our first child.   I am in search of a Geburtsvorbereitungskurs course in English in Stuttgart. Would be glad if I could receive any recommendations or contacts from your previous experience?   Thank you in advance.    
  5. Some questions about Hebamme

    Hello All,   We arrived at Germany some months ago and were slowly settling down at Stuttgart. Just then the news of an unplanned pregnancy hit us. After initial few weeks of disbelief and panic we have come to terms with our situation. I have been reading extensively about the procedure in Germany. We have also visited a gynaecologist last week and have some more visits planned in the future.   Coming to my questions.    1. We would like to take a hebamme (mid-wife) for the advice which they would give us. I am aware that I have to start searching immediately so they get booked out really fast. But I couldn't figure out from when we can take the services of a hebamme? Some articles mention 35 weeks and some say as early as possible (but it is not clear by which week).   2. Is it possible to visit a gynaecologist every 4 weeks and also take services from a hebamme? Further does the insurance cover such dual consulates from both the gynaecologist and a Hebamme?   3. Could someone please recommend English speaking midwives in Stuttgart area?   4. Both me and my wife are comfortable only if the baby is delivered in a hospital. Is it possible that we can chose a hebamme who can also be with us at the hospital during child birth?   5. I am searching for Geburtsvorbereitungskurs in english in Stuttgart. Recommendations for this would also help me. I want to take this as soon as possible so that we will be better prepared to handle any situation that might arise.   Thank you in advance for the reply.   Best Regards, Shreyas S