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  1. We just moved to another town and I've started my first job here since a month ago (I had a scholarship before that). In my first pay-slip, I noticed my tax class is not correct. My company said that I have to do it myself, and if I apply now, the tax office will change it in August, and I'd recieve the extra deductions of June and July at the end of the year. I was wondering if this is the best way to do it?   Also, we still haven't registered our address here (our termin is next week). So, should I send the tax-form to the Finanzamt of our previous town or to the one in this town?
  2. We are relocating to a new apartment, but we need to stay in a temporary place for a month,  which is a guest suite in a family dorm. So, we don't have even a name on the door  or a formal lease agreement to register that address.   If I want to order something online,  I'll give a friend address or will send it to a paketstation. I'll do the same if I want to ask someone directly to arrive me a letter.    But what can I do about letters which will be sent to my old address? My name is not on the old post box anymore!    Is there any way to automatically redirect the letters to a friend's address in Deutsche post?