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  1. I've been waiting for an item from an online store and the driver sent the shipment to the local post branch (inside a grocery store). I had the tracking and noticed about it and went to the grocery store the next day to pick up the parcel.  But the staff couldn't find anything with my name on it, and when I gave the tracking report they told me to contact DHL to investigate the matter. Well, I sent DHL an inquiry regarding the lost shipment, but what if they don't find it? Then who has to pay for the item? Well, I was supposed to pay the bill after I receive the item. So, does the fact that the item has not been delivered to me (not been picked up by me) relieve me from paying the damage for the loss? 
  2. New DHL shipping rules

    I just learned that DHL has new shipping policies for packages and letters.   Apparently only paper documents can be sent as letters now, and any other items have to go as packages -- to the tune of €16 as a minimum charge for packages to the USA!   Does anyone know of a cheaper alternative out there? I don't want to have to give up on sending small occasional gifts to friends and family back in the States.   Thanks!