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  2. Politics Gen XYZ

    Since many of us find so many Political caricatures, comics, memes on the internet, on a daily basis, the humour value of the said content is sometimes exaggerated based on political inclination. For example, anti-Trump folks find Pro-Trump content unfunny and vice versa. So, to spare the good old "What made you Laugh" thread of such friction, here's one thread to post your heart's content (hopefully).  Let's begin:  
  3. UK PM Theresa May announces plan to call snap general election on 8 June.     BBC    
  4. For those of you who are interested in more than what is gleamed from the mundane rag mills. I go for dinner beforehand as well, the food is always good.   Di., 24.9., 20.00 Uhr, Salon Luitpold: On Populism, Polarization and Corruption c/o Amerikahaus & Munich Dialogues On Democracy; How Can Western Democracy Survive, mit David Frum (Schöpfer des Begriffs "Achse des Bösen") und Patrick Hamm (in english)