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  1. Politics Gen XYZ

    Since many of us find so many Political caricatures, comics, memes on the internet, on a daily basis, the humour value of the said content is sometimes exaggerated based on political inclination. For example, anti-Trump folks find Pro-Trump content unfunny and vice versa. So, to spare the good old "What made you Laugh" thread of such friction, here's one thread to post your heart's content (hopefully).  Let's begin:  
  2. So interesting article in the German Review (if you like hard news WITHOUT the expat focus than I highly recommend subscribing)  about Olaf Scholz  The German Review Olaf Scholz Know if All or a Genius A year ago tomorrow Olaf Scholz was sworn in as Germany Chancellor. Calling the first twelve months of his premiership a baptism of fire would be something of an understatement. From the Omicron wave, to the Russian invasion, to the resultant energy crisis and record inflation - just about everything that could have gone wrong has gone wrong. And then some. So, 12 months in. How has he done? Is he destined to go down in the history books with Kurt Georg Kiesinger as one of the few Chancellors no one has ever heard of? Is he an accident of history who only made it into the job due the weakness of the opposition? A one-term sitting duck for the get go? My own impression is he’s closer to Joe Biden than Jimmy Carter, that is head down hard at work getting things done. There’ll always be things you can complain about but I think overall he’s done a reasonable job considering what he inherited.
  3. I can vote in the Federal Government election on 9.26, but I am not sure who I should choose (first vote, second vote?). I hardly knew who my representatives were until a couple weeks ago, although I read the local newspaper frequently, but now there are images of them all over.   I know a couple of parties do not like the likes of us, but which normal party should I vote for, and why?