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  1. Hi,   I have been shopping in Kaufland since Jul 2020 and each visit bill is in the range of 60 to 80 EURO.   The shop is 1.5 KM away from my house and I don't have a car or bicycle. So I walk, taking my kid's stroller (empty) and fill it in with items in the shop and bring it back home, filled.   This time, as usual I shopped for around 60 EURO with lots of items in the stroller. On the cash counter, I missed some items (4 items: baby cream and some beauty items) in the upper, smaller section in the cart and my cart passed through the counter without paying for them. After all the billing and card transaction when I started walking from the cash counter, Kaufland security came to me and informed that I have not paid for all the items. I immediately released the mistake and offered to pay for the missed items. But he asked me to come to his office. I told him that I missed these items, and I am ready to pay, but he did not listen. Also, it was difficult to communicate since I do not know enough German to converse. He called the police. I also told the same thing to the police. The lady police was sympathetic towards me, but she said she cannot to anything, it is up to the Kaufland security. The police asked me for my address and told that you will get a letter from Kaufland and from the police.   I had no intention to steal anything. It was an honest mistake. However, I can understand why Kaufland security does not believe me.   I do not exactly understand what happened there. My guess is Kaufland security has filed a police complaint against me and I will get letters regarding the same. Now I am waiting for the letter all worried. I am in Germany since a year. I am not sure what is expected from me. What is the worst case I should be prepared for? Any implication of my visa, passport? I guess I will have to reply to police or visit the police station. How should I prepare, and what should I reply? All my Kaufland transactions are online. I can show them bank transactions from the past to prove that I am a regular customer. (Not sure if this matters: I had taken my husbands debit card with me and that is what I used for the payment. Can I show past bank transactions to prove that I am a regular customer? Or I will be charged for misuse of card!!! Or am I over thinking about it?)   Thanks for reading this. Any inputs are welcome.