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  1. Hello there,   I am building a new house in Hannover, I have contract with the Construction company with standard installations.. And they gave me the list of companies and one of them is XX Sanitar company for plumbing work..   we selected different model for the WC and washbasin 23.09.2019   -> he send an offer after 3 weeks 22.10.2019 -> I checked made some changes with in 1 week  28.10.2019 -> he send me new offer after 2 weeks 13.11.2019 -> after 2 days on 15.10.2019 the XX Sanitar Company says they will not do the changes and only complete standard installation.   I dont know what to do since the wc and washbasin are very basic and want them changed...  
  2. Plumber pricing dispute

    Evening All,   Looking for some words of wisdom from the community here so anybody with any experience/knowledge feel free to weigh in!   I recently needed some commercial equipment installed. The equipment needed both electric and water with very specific installation requirements (water pressure, filtered water etc). I contacted a company and sent them across the manufacturers specifications for the requirements. Important to note here is that this particular company has worked exstensively for us before so is aware of specifics in regards to the location. Shortly after sending through details i received a call back advising that it is best to do both electric and water at the same time. They offered to arrange electrician as well so they could co-ordinate: no problem. At this point i asked for a quote for the work. He advised of 2 options: 1 - Cheap but functional = max 600€ 2 - More expensive but long lasting = max 1500€ I decided upon the second option. Electrician came and went (bill received for 350€ no issue), plumber came and went. Skip forward 2 weeks and i receive a call advising it would be slightly higher than originally quoted. I questioned on how much higher and he said he couldn't say yet so i agreed to wait for the rechnung to arrive. Today it arrived...2800€. In my book thats not "slightly" higher, thats insane! Obviously i immediately called him at which point he denied all knowledge of the original quote nor the subsequent call to advise of the slightly higher price. Does anybody know of any kind of recourse i have here? Do i have any legal ground for challenging this? Is this just a case of "worth the paper its written on". I should point out too that while the workmen were on site nothing has been signed although i have no actual dispute with the workhours it states on the rechnung