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  1. Hi,   In a bit of a pickle. Last year I switched from GKV to PKV, filled out the ton of forms and assumed everything was ok. Went to claim for one of my visits and the insurer requested a full medical history from my doctors. I obliged and two weeks later my consultant received a letter stating my PKV was cancelled due to not declaring a chronic illness on the form. (Fine, I made a mistake  - didn't realise what I was treated for was considered chronic)    So now, trying to get new insurance. No insurer will apparently take me until I get a letter from two doctors stating my illness is not chronic. I have tried to contact the doctors multiple times but still no letter. My consultant has warned me that if I do not get these by the end of the month then I will be charged a lot of money.    Can anyone tell me what will be the outcome? I know I cannot get back onto GKV (Although that would be ideal)  If nobody will insure me, who is charging this money? Why am I not being offered the basis tariff? Am I being mislead by the consultant?   Thank you!! 
  2. help with PKV painfull saga

    Hi there, seeking for help, once again i have been striked by the German helath insurance. the story goes like this, i am a 37 year old student owning a small business married to a german. i moved to germany at 2012 and signed up for mawista, after 5 years i had to switch and after some research choosed to go for barmenia as they were the cheapest one, i had contacted one of their agents and within a week i have signed a contract, all was communicated in english, the contract in german, within 3 months my premium went up around 100 euro, from 160 to 260, and on top around 30/40 euro pension, so in the last 20 month i am paying barmenia around 300 euro monthly. around 8 months ago i had some tooth pain and i have started a tooth treatment - which my clinic was syncing with my insurance and caliming all is gonna be payed by the insurance.. , after paying my first bill of 1,500 i have filed documents to barmenia, i was communicating to my agent but was sent to do it via app , and after some struggle was able to contact via email, this started in jan 2019, after a bunch of mail exchanges and requests and questions from Barmenia, few days ago i got and email that claims my contract is canceled because the info provided at the signing is different from  what i was communicating with them. in the mail was attached the contract. in which much of the information was completely wrong, my birth date, my hight and above all the fact that i was before had private incured by bermania, the agent wrote that i was state insured from 2010 (i moved to germany at 2012!). i have another bill of 1,200 to pay for my tooth clinic... i have never failed for any money besides paying monthly  them the money, when signing the contract i had no income what so ever, but couldnt move to the state insurance...   the same person that was dealing with my claim is the same person that sent me the mail for canceling the contract! anyway, i have no idea what to do next besides finding a new health insurance, but i find this so wrong and have no idea what to do besides a lawyer,, any help would be deeply appreciated, i have attached the last mail i got, and "my agent"(their) wasn't responding. Ihre Krankenversicherung   Sie teilen mit, dass Sie in Deutschland nie gesetzlich krankenversichert gewesen sind und dass Sie dies auch bei der Vertragsunterzeichnung so angegeben hätten. Der beiliegenden Antragskopie können Sie entnehmen, dass bezüglich der Vorversicherung eine Betriebskrankenkasse für den Zeitraum 2010 bis 30.06.2017 angezeigt wurde. Einen Verweis auf die Mawista Auslandskrankenversicherung ist dem Antrag nicht zu entnehmen. Aufgrund der nun vorliegenden Informationen müssen wir die grundsätzliche Versicherbarkeit prüfen. Bitte lassen Sie uns dafür eine Bescheinigung der Mawista Versicherung zukommen, aus welcher sich die nachfolgenden Inhalte er- geben: - Art und Umfang der Versicherung - Vertragslaufzeit - Übersicht der abgerechneten Versicherungsleistungen Bitte lassen Sie uns die Angaben Ihrer Vorversicherung bis zum 17.04.2019 zukommen. Zudem werden wir uns mit Herrn Pietzold in Verbindung setzen um die Angaben bei dem Vertragsabschluss auch von dieser Seite abzuklären.