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  1. Hi, if you're looking to improve your photography skills in a fun way, this upcoming course at Volkshochschule Tempelhof-Schöneberg might be perfect for you!   "Other Ways of Seeing: Improving your photography through more considered choices" (Course led by Anne Kathrin Greiner, Freelance Photographer, Tutor and Artist): Since the invention of photography almost 200 years ago, many important images have emerged whose expression and effect have not, to this day, diminished. In most cases the technique used in their creation, however, is shown to have played a subordinate role. This course proves that, even without expensive equipment, the quality of one's own photography can be decisively influenced and improved through the creative use of the camera. Under the motto "The eye takes the picture, not the camera" (Gisèle Freund), we will discuss basic creative and technical aspects through the analysis of clear, vivid photographic examples, and put our conclusions to practical use directly afterwards. Rounding off with a discussion of the results, the participants will learn how to make the most of the imaginative possibilities of their own camera. … Please bring your own camera (digital or analog, if possible manually adjustable), as well as memory cards / films, batteries and data cable. Course number: TS272.003S Fee: 54.29 EUR (full) or 28.65 EUR (discounted, e.g. students, registered unemployed etc.) Venue: Volkshochschule Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Barbarossaplatz 5, 10781 Berlin (Room 219) Dates: Sat, 3rd August, 10 am - 5 pm & Sun, 4th August, 10 am - 5 pm Any questions? Please contact Ms. Martina Dehmer, Tel.: (030) 90277-3518,
  2. I have stopped doing photography and have books, CD's, filters, rings, some light modifiers, etc for sale. All can be collected in person or, I can post all for whatever it costs, and always with a sendungsnummer as I do not use DHL pachchen for anything that is sold.    CD's 4 CD's from Photolearn, all new nut unsealed, 3 in plastic cases, 1 in a blue cardboard sleeve. 15€ each or all for 50€  Glamour masterclass - a bit of sun discolour on one part at the side, but I doubt that will affect it - I will try to find a laptop with CD drawer and test it first though The Studio Lighting Video The Still Life Video Photolearn tutorials by Garry Edwards (no idea what is actually on it)   5 CD's from magazines. Get started in landscapes, Photoshop made easy, Photoshop for photographers, Photoshop landscape skills, Photoshop for digital portraits 10€ for all of them   From Mark Cleghorn - all new with seals on the cases.  20€ each or 50€ for all  Mark Cleghorn's Off camera Flash Back 2 Basics Studio Lighting Essentials Back 2 Basics Studio Lighting Creative   Wedding Album Design by Bob Coates, for Adobe photoshop 3 (I guess its not that different to the newer versions). New and sealed.  10€   Power selling crash course by Mitche Graf. 3CD set It is for "photographers of all disciplines". New but unsealed. 10€   The Power of Business Portrait Edition by Doug Box. 7 CD's new but unsealed - not possible for these to be sealed as they are in pouches.  20€ I can take photos of anythat you would like to see.   Lumiquest. Brand new Snoot, SoftBox, Cinch. All in boxes. 75€ for the 3   Sekonik Light meter L-308S Batteries leaked, so the battery connections do not look good, but it works fine. Complete with long hand/wrist/neck strap and instruction book. 100€   Books - new. Some of these show a mark or rub from 2 house moves, but are all unread.  The Photographers Eye by John Szarkowski. Softback 15€ Quality in Photography by Roger Hicks and Frances Schulz. Hardback with dust cover. Cost £19.99 asking 10€ Pro photo series. Action Photography by Jonathon Hilton. New, but cover discoloured down 1 side from sun. 10€ Inspiring professionals - Landscape photographers guide to using filters by Joe Cornish, hardback 15€ Lee Frost's Personal Views (landscape photography). softback. 20€ Portrait Photographers Guide to Posing by Bill Hurter. Softback 10€ Master Lighting guide for portrait photographers by Christopher Grey 20€ Provocative Shots (a guide to professional lighting techniques) by Alex Larg and Jane Wood. Softback. 15€ The Art of Flowers and Garden Photography by Clive Nichols, softback cost 20€ Wedding Photography by Mark Cleghorn. Hardback with dust cover 15€ Complete Guide to Professional Wedding Photography by Damian Lovegrove. Hardback 20€   I will add filters etc later if anyone is interested. If you want to see photos I will add them, but the thread will be huge if I put them all on                
  3. Hi! I'm looking for model release forms for photography. I'm going to be working with some people I know and doing some photography of them for commercial purposes in exchange for money/exposure/editing/etc. These people aren't models by profession nor are they working with any agencies, they're just your average Anna. The pictures will theoretically be used in social media of a brand, advertisement, the website itself. Commercial usage, in short.  I'm no lawyer, but my German's good enough to read legal documents and such. Anyone got any idea where I can find a template of one of these documents? Or what exactly it would be called? I know the Fregabeerklärung wouldn't be enough in this situation and, unfortunately, I could not afford to pay a lawyer to draw one up for me.  Any ideas? Thanks y'all!