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  1. Hi there,   My situation is unique and complicated but I desperately need some insight.    I am American, came to Germany on a student visa for my masters. It was issued in Bavaria, valid for 1 year. About 9 months later, I moved to Berlin for a Praktikum for 6 months. My student visa was set to expire during my Praktikum, so I extended it for one more semester while in Berlin, aka another 6 months. When I completed my Praktikum, I moved back to Bavaria to finish my, now 4th, and final semester. My studies ended about 2.5 weeks before my extension visa was going to expire, so I applied for the 18-month post studies job seeker permit during that time. I was instead given a Fiktionsbescheinigung, valid for 6 months, to hold me over until I received my diploma in print.I had also informed them with a letter from my university that I had completed my studies, and it would take a few weeks to get the grades back, and another few weeks for the actual diploma to be printed. This Fiktionsbescheinigung then allowed me to travel in the meantime, and I left the country a total of 4 times after receiving it (i.e. went through border control).    Now, here's the tricky part. The local ABH asked for my official diploma about a month after I applied for the 18-month job seekers permit/finished my studies. It was not ready for print yet from the University, so my University advisor sent the ABH documents to prove I had passed the course and told them my diploma would take a few weeks to print, etc. They said this was not sufficient. Another month rolls around and my diploma finally comes in. I submit it shortly after. One month later, I get another letter saying my documents still aren't sufficient and to submit more (i.e. the University stamp wasn't clear enough, and more information about my bank statements). This runaround of events goes on for about 3 months. The ABH sends me letters asking for more documents, I send the requested documents, wait for 4 weeks, another letter comes, and same thing. This continued 5 months into my 6-month Fiktionsbescheinigung, only then did the ABH decide to call me in for a 'consultation.' And in case you're wondering, this office does not answer phone calls, emails, and is closed to the public, no online appointments, etc. So yes, I did try to contact them - many times. Furthermore, they billed me for the permit about 2 months ago, yet I still do not have it.   At this so-called consultation, the officer told me that my insurance wasn't correct (??? no mention of this in any prior letters) and told me to straighten that out, send those updated documents back to her, and I was good to go.   I do all of this, get it sorted. No response for about 4 weeks and my Fiktionsbescheinigung has finally reached its 6 month mark.   Since then, I've gotten an attorney to help me but the ABH has only told her that I'm here illegally and should've left the country the day I got my diploma in the mail (?? what?) Although none of my letters from them state this, nor was I told this in writing or in person at the ABH when they issued my Fiktionsbescheinigung. They also told my lawyer since I'd already been rejected, it wouldn't entitle me get my money back for my non-existent permit so goodbye 98 euros. The ABH also argued that because I was issued an extension in Berlin, I was ineligible for a new permit in Bavaria since they're honoring my Fiktionsbescheinigung, and not my application for the 18-month job seekers visa. Not sure what Berlin has to do with this, but my application was submitted in Bavaria, and my Fiktionsbescheinigung was issued there as well. None of their arguments make much sense, both logically and legally.   My attorney will be representing me in a hearing in a few weeks with the ABH to explain my case. I'm just wondering if anyone else has been through something similar and what to expect? I have so many questions that remain unresolved and don't add up. (i.e. Why ask me to come in for a consultation if I was supposed to be back in the US? Why did I never get anything in writing stating I had to leave? If I was here illegally, why was I allowed to leave and re-enter legally 4 times? Why did the officer make no mention of me being here illegally during our 'consultation?') My lawyer admits that the ABH was in the wrong and wasn't consistent with me, but this may not matter regardless.   Furthermore, does being rejected from this produce problems for applying for future status or permits, either in Germany or the EU as a whole?   Any insight is greatly appreciated. And apologies for the long post. Thanks.