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  1. Hey guys,    I have a work visa - 18 ABS.4 S.1 - which is tied to a company and it is valid till May 2021. I voluntarily terminated my contract and it will end at the end of this month. I am suppose to start a new job from next month. But I received the email from foreign office last week I cannot start the job until they and employment agency have approved the new job. As it could take weeks or even months to get approval, I am stuck and I could really use your help 🙏🏽   - I finished my masters in Dec 2018 but is there a chance to ask for a work search visa under section 20 or some other type of visa while they process all the documents, so I can start with out a delay?    - If can only start on 15th Jan or 1st Feb. How should I deal with my health insurance for the period I was out of the job?   - I have worked full time for 22 months after my studies and I also paid around 1-1.5k in social security during my studies. Would I be eligible for some benefits if I have to be unemployed for few weeks or months?   Thanks in advance.