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  1. Hi,   I am currently going through the Einbürgerung process, which has been a last minute decision & only been made possible by the short Brexit delay 😅 I’m self employed & have lived here for 8 years (just!, although was here 2001-2003 also) as self employed I haven’t paid into the state Pension scheme & I was originally planning to pay the voluntarily NI uk back payments of which I have a statement for. Obviously now going for citizenship they want to see Pension provision & the advisor seemed little interested in any UK pension scheme without an added German pension pot. I had previously looked at a German Rurüp Pension scheme but had not proceeded due to being unsure if I will be in Germany for my retirement. I’m now wondering if it is advisable to back pay NI & open a Rürup & if on opening I can pay a lump sum into Rurüp , am I better to pay into both or not back pay NI & invest all into Rurüp? & what happens if I do return to the UK? Is there then any complication in paying into Rurüp from UK? If anyone has any further ideas or words of wisdom it would be gratefully recieved. Many Thanks