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  1. Thread to help people understand how pension refund can work after leaving Germany.   Official website for Pensions: Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (DRB)   Pension Refund Requirement: - US and various other non-EU citizens can claim back their German state pension contributions if they contribute in Germany for less than 5 years (60 monthly contributions). - The claim can only be made 2 years after leaving Europe (EU/EEA/CH).   DRB Email: (All queries were sent to this email address. They will respond to emails in English too.)   Forms Required: Please contact DRB and the German consulate in your country of residence to confirm the forms required. 1.  Form V0901 (Main claim for refund of pension contributions) 2.  Form A1312-00 (Form in case refund is to be sent to a bank in USA or Canada) NOTE: - If you have a German bank account then provide the IBAN number in Form V0901 (I requested a refund to my ComDirect Bank Account) - For form V0901 - the Kennzeichen / Code does not need to be filled out - I did not need Form A9060 "Lebens- und Staatsangehörigkeitsbescheinigung" / "Certificate of Life and Citizenship"   Confirmation of Personal Information in Forms at German Consulate: - Make appointment in the Germany Consulate within your country of residence - Take Passport and supporting documents (driver's license, utility bill or bank statement) - There is no charge for confirmation of personal information for pension purposes - German Consulate in USA website link for information and appointment: - Make appointment at the German Consulate for the purpose of "Signature Certifications / Authentications"     Documents to send DRB: 1.  Passport copy 2.  Carbon copies from Social Security Record Booklet or relevant electronic vouchers from employer ( I sent my "Meldebescheinigung zur Sozialversicherung") 3.  Insurance cards number / copy of insurance card 4.  Check if any other doc can be sent (put tick mark in application) (e.g. Anmeldung / Abmeldung, Lohnsteuerbescheinigung, LohnKonto from firm)   5.  Application Form (V0901)   Address of DRB in Germany to send Forms: Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund Ruhrstr. 2 10709 Berlin Germany   Timelines: - DRB can take 6-8 weeks to respond and provide refund (my refund was processed in 4 weeks after DRB received my application)   My Scenario: Citizenship: India Country of Residence: USA (after leaving Germany) Application for pension refund: After about 30 months of leaving Germany Refund Received: About 4 weeks after application in my German bank account Forms Sent: V0901 Year Sent: 2017