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  1. Moving back to uk - Pension Question

    Hello everyone,   I have worked and lived in Berlin for about 9 years and am intending to move back to Britain in the next few months. My question is this: how does the affect my pension contributions that I have paid while in Germany this time?   Do I lose them? Do I cash out? What happens when i abmelden? 
  2. Freelancer pension and citizenship

    I've read a few articles on these forums but I still don't have an answer. I also realise all the rules might be changing in 2019 and that worries me even more.   I'm a non-german married to a German and moved here on a marriage Visa. I worked as a freelancer for the first year (2017) and chose not to pay into a pension. I am now employed and also freelancing so my employer is paying into the state pension for me. My question is 2 fold.   1. I intend to apply for citizenship towards the end of year 3 (as I'm married to a German and have completed all other requirements this should be fine). Obviously I only have about 8 months of payments in state pension from my current employer. As I was a freelancer before, are they going to make me retroactively pay into the pension to make sure I have a full 3yrs of payments?   2. I'm also intending on going back into full time freelance in the next few months. Am I now required to continue paying into the state pension? How will this affect my eligibility for citizenship? I don't mind either way, it will just affect my budgeting.    Any advice would be welcome. Even the details of an advisor.   Thanks!   Nick
  3. Dear all,    As a self employed person if you did not have any savings or cash flow for some time (about one year) and you could not or did not pay into the pension account.  Can you do so after couple of years? Is that possible?    If yes, what is the process. Apperciate your guidance here.  Thanks! Kay
  4. I am attempting to get information from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (Bund) about the German State Pension that I should receive from June 2019.   Things were progressing well until I received a letter, dated 23 January 2019, stating the following:   "Sehr geehrter xxxxx,   wir bestaetigen den Eingang Ihrer Unterlagen.   Da das Vereinigte Koenigreich ab 30.03.2019 nicht mehr Mitgleid der EU sein wird and zum gegenwaertigen Zeitpunkt noch nicht klar ist, welche Rechtsvorschriften im Verhaeltnis zum Vereinigten Koenigreich ab dem 30.03.2019 Anwendung finden werden, kann Ihr Rentenantrag zur Zeit noch nicht abschleissend bearbeitet warden.   Die Uebersendung eines Rentenbescheides kann somit bis auf weiteres nicht erfolgen.   Wir werden Sie zum gegebenen Zeitpunkt ueber die weitere Verfahrensweise informieren"   I have not heard anything further.   Are the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (Bund) able to withhold my "Rentenbescheid" from me?   The fact that I don't have my "Rentenbescheid" is already impacting me as my company pension from a German company can't, apparently, be paid out to me if I can't provide the German company with a copy of my "Rentenbescheid"!   Any feedback would be much appreciated!
  5. Hi, I am working in Germany for 2 years. I am a non-EU citizen and I will move to another EU country for work. Can I still pay voluntary contributions to the German pension from another EU country? If yes, what is the minimal contribution? Thank you in advance
  6. Dear TT,   I am aware that there is ample previous coverage about contributing to the German state pension (Deutsche Rentenversicherung). But... this mainly covers teachers only. I understand some other professions are also required to contribute.   I need the facts answered clearly. I work 98% of the time as a photographic retoucher who works with photoshop, I rarely take photos where I receive money but lets say 2% of my income is through taking pictures. Must photographic retouchers who are self employed freelance workers working for different clients, contribute to the Deutsche Rentenversicherung? Does my profession fall into this category of those who must contribute or not? Does anyone have a current list of the professional occupations which are obliged to contribute? I want to see the facts.   As a mid 30's British person who is newly registered in Berlin, DE since 4 months, I am planning my future to potentially stay long term. I heard terrible things about the DRV, its horrendously poor investment value. I do not want to contribute. I also have the dilemma of dealing with Brexit. As a non EU person, will I need to prove I am contributing to the DRV in order to stay if I need a resident permit if Brexit happens? If if if... Or if my profession does not fall into the category which must contribute DRV, is a private pension sufficient for the visa office? Or can I carry on contributing only to my UK pension, would this be enough to retain my residency status at the visa office or must it be a German fund?   I heard that if 83.3% of your income is with one client that you must then contribute to the DRV regardless of who you are or what you do as freelance worker. Is this the case? I may be close to the 80% by the end of the tax year, my regular 'main' client is not German, Is there no loophole around this? I worked for about 10 clients this year so far, so I am definitely 'freelance'. But my main source is from the regular client who I do not want to lose. Is there no way I can still legally please the visa office with my contributions but avoid the DRV? I understand the KSK as an option for 'artists'. Is my profession acceptable for the KSK to cover me? If the KSK cannot cover me are there any other options? I heard about this. If I was covered by either of the 2, would this void me having to contribute to DRV if I work more than 83.3% with one client? I cannot lose my main client.   Germany is certainly not the freelancer friendly at all. NOT AT ALL. Is there anymore hidden horrors I should uncover before I decide to settle further?   I look forward to hearing your advice on how I should go forward before I am too far 'into' Germany. I may decide to leave the country purely based on potentially having to give approx 19% of my income to a terrible fund. And I cannot lose my clients.   Thanks TT   p.s - I already fully contribute to a German healthcare fund.
  7. Exemption from pension insurance

    Hi,   I am currently exempted from paying into the Deutsche Rentenversicherung since almost 3 years ago (until 01.11.2015).   I used the  "Antrag auf Befreiung von der Versicherungspflicht in der. Rentenversicherung für Selbständige mit einem Auftraggeber" in 2012 to accomplish this.   Today I received a letter that I will have to pay in the pension system starting 01.11.2015, either the (Half)Regelbeitrag or depending on the income (not a good option for me).   I have indeed one client, so I might seem like I am Scheinselbständig and 'cheating' the system, but my only client is a foreign company without a seat in Germany hence I must work as a freelancer for them as they can not employ me here (I was employed for this company for years before moving to Germany when I started consulting for them as a freelancer).   Does anyone know if there is any chance to use this to continue to be exempted from paying into the pension system?   Thank you in advance