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  1. Dear All,   Not sure if someone can help me. My divorce is currently ongoing with my ex and the Versorgungsausgleich is currently being done by the Rentenversicherung.   After submitted a couple of questionnaires I have now received a letter asking me to complete the form E207. Has anyone had any experience with this particular form in relation to previously having worked in the UK before coming to Germany?   They want me to send them for example the insurance number for Great Britain... as far as I know, this doesn't exist?   Link to the form:   Best, James      
  2. I am a USA/German dual citizen and I lived and worked in Germany Between 2015 and 2019. I recently moved to the UK. Therefore I spent 4 years paying German state pension insurance through my employer.   I know that it takes a minimum of 5 years (20 months) of contributions to become vested in the pension system and since I am below that, I can request to have my contributions refunded, so I'm wondering if that makes sense for me.     1. Would I get the full reimbursement for my contributions? 2. Could I go back to Germany, work for one more year and become vested? 3. What determines how much someone receives after pension age?     Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hello Guys, I'm a non-EU resident in Germany for 5 years with a permanent residence (niederlassungserlaubnis 18b). Due to some family issues in my home country, i'm planning to spend 9 months abroad after my working contract is over, and i will be unemployed but  not registered at the "agentur für arbeit" as i will not be in Germany searching for a job. Based on that, i have a couple of questions: (1) Must i pay the pension insurance (rentenversicherung) or just i do not have to pay as i'm unemployed?. should i tell them that i will travel aborad or anything similar? (2) Regrading the Health insurance, I do not want to pay it as i will not use it at all, is there a way to avoid that other than to deregister from the city, maybe something to prove that i was not in Germany for a certain period of time?   Thanks in advance
  4. UK state pension

    Just checked my UK pension and despite having the req'd 35 years of NI contributions, the DWP website says I will need to contribute for another 8 years if I want to have the full pension of 175 GBP a week. Now I opted out of SERPS many years ago and I accept having a reduced weekly pension scheme but to be told I have to contribute for a further 8 years seems a bit confusing. Anyone else come across this anomaly?
  5. I became a German pensioner in November last year and a UK pensioner in July of last year, previously I was drawing an Austrian pension and paying my my pension contributions to a Krankenkasse in Austria. Now that I am drawing a German pension I have to pay my Krankenversicherung contributions to a German Krankenkasse. My contribution to the TK are taken directly from my German pension by the Deurtsche Rentenversicherung but the TK also demand the 7.65% Krankenversicherung and the 3.3% Pflegeversicherung from my UK and Austrian pensions. I pay them by standing order from my bank. I have seen comments that indicate that it might be that I am not liable to pay Krankenversicherung and Pflegeversicherung from my UK (and Austrian) pension(s).    Can anybody enlighten me?
  6. Hello everyone,   I've been trying to figure this out by reading previous discussions on the subject but, although they were extremely informative, I'm still left with some questions.   I've been in Germany (Berlin) since July 2016. From November 2016 - July 2019, I had an employee contract with a company (as a midi job) and made the mandatory state pension contributions as they're required.   From July 2019 until now, I've been freelancing as a social media manager. I manage a Twitter and a Facebook account for an agency and occasionally appear in videos on those social media accounts conducting interviews.   To the question: are people who work in social media in that capacity required to contribute to the public pension system? How much of a gray area are we in?   Some further info, in case any of it is relevant: I'm not an EU national (I have a residence permit as a spouse of an EU citizen); I declared my occupation as "journalist" to the Finanzamt as I didn't know what else to write down (which at first I thought would doom me with the DRV but apparently they operate completely independently to the Finanzamt?); I pay for my own health insurance with TK but I'm wondering whether the KSK might take me, especially if it turns out that I must pay into the pension system; I basically only have this one client as a freelancer, which I know will configure Scheinselbständigkeit in the long run but I'm hoping to change my employment status and become a proper employee with them within the next six months.   Thank you in advance!