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  1. V0100 & V0410 Forms ?

    Hiya,    So I have been sent V0100 and V0410 forms from the pension office. I am a Brit who moved to Germany in 2010 and started paying pension payments in that year. I just want to know if it's legally required by german law to fill these forms in or not ? From looking at other posts on here it seems I have 5 months to fill them out otherwise they will lock my pension payment history as it currently stands, is that correct ? Your advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hey fellow TT,  I'm seeking insights on pension (and health) insurance considerations due to being unemployed between jobs and with expected ALG1 sperrzeit.  I would be grateful sharing your experiences and knowledge on how to manage it the best.   Key facts: * old job ending 31 July, voluntary resignation - so expecting ALG1 sperrzeit; * new job starting on 15 August, contract signed in July * In public (voluntary) health insurance with Techniker Krankenkasse;  plan to register under my wife's statutory health insurance during the gap between jobs; * timely arbeitssuchend registration, arbeitslos registration pending   My questions:   1. Pension insurance - I came across mentions in the TT forum that even a shortest break between jobs (and in my case likely ALG1 sperrzeit) takes out the whole quarter for Rentenversicherung contribution calculations. Is this indeed the case?  If so, is there any way to avoid or manage this risk - e.g. by paying pension contributions myself?      2. ALG1 application / health insurance - with ALG1 sperrzeit expected due to voluntary quitting my job, the only benefit of ALG1 application is getting health insurance for the 2 weeks bridge period.   My thinking is to get coverage under family health insurance for the transitory period (my wife is in compulsory public heath insurance). In my thinking this is a clear win allowing to avoid completing ALG1 forms. Am I missing something here?   Grateful for your comments and directions.
  3. I can apply for my German pension soon, but I am not sure if I can be a pflichtmitglied in the health insurance (that should mean lower deductions). I am freiwillig versichert now. (That is not the same as privat versichert, fortunately).   You need to have been krankenversichert for 9/10 of the second half of your working life. Working life ends when you apply for a pension, but when does it begin? My Renteninfo shows contributions starting on my 17th birthday, is that the start?
  4. Interesting talk. I wonder how much of this analysis is shared with Germany?  
  5. UK Private Pension - tax free lump sum

    I moved to Germany twenty years ago and now have dual UK/German citizenship.  I pay German taxes but nothing in the UK.   However, I have 2 separate private pensions in the UK, from my earlier employment there, which should start to pay out this year. Both offer an initial "Tax Free" lump sum.  But would that also be regarded as Tax Free in Germany?   The helpdesk of the pension trustees for the larger of the two, have told me that it should be tax free, even in Germany. However, a couple of years ago I spoke with a representative of Abbey Wealth about possibly moving the main pension to a QROPS, and he told me that the lump sum would definitely be treated as income by the German tax authority, and taxed accordingly.   Does anyone know for certain one way or the other?
  6. Hi, Quick background: I moved to German in 2007 from the UK. I obtained German citizenship about 5 years ago and have dual UK/German citizenship. This morning I received the following letter from the deutsche Rentenversicherung:     I dutifully went to their website and started to fill out the eAntrag: "Antrag auf Kontenklärung V0100/4.2" Not a short document, but anyway. I arrived at the following question: Klärung des Rentenversicherungskontos Haben Sie Zeiten zurückgelegt, die bisher noch nicht in Ihrem Versicherungsverlauf enthalten sind? The only option that seems relevant to me here is - Zeiten im Ausland oder bei internationalen Organisationen (optional) The next question (because of my answer to the previous one is:  Beiträge im Ausland Haben Sie Zeiten in einem ausländischen Versicherungssystem zurückgelegt (zum Beispiel, weil Sie im Ausland gearbeitet haben)? (have to answer ja or nein) - I answered ja. At the end of the form it is then asking me for: Nachweis (z.B. Bescheinigung Arbeitgeber) über Beitragszeiten im Ausland   There is no way I can actually get this information. I am unsure whether I need to actually give them the information. I can submit the form without attaching it.  I don't know why they would actually need this, surely my contributions in Germany are what count towards my pension payment? I am also unclear about the statement about what happens if I don't reply within 6 months. Should I just reply with a letter stating that I only moved to Germany in 2007? I would be grateful for any advice.   Thanks Heidi
  7. I recieve Austrian, German and UK state pensions. My UK pension is almost a full pension as I have paid 32 years contributions, however most of those contributions were Class II voluntary contributions. I pay the usual 7,3% health insurance and 3,3% care insurance to my Krankenkasse from both my UK and Austrian pensions and it is automatically deducted from my German pension. Now someone on a UK forum has suggested that my UK pension entitles me to free health insurance from the AOK. Does anyone know anything about this?
  8. I have a Group Personal Pension Plan with Standard Life in the UK, funded by an ex-employer. Current value is about 100k.   Standard Life have told me that, because I no longer live in the UK (I have been in Germany since 2000 and have no intention of returning), they cannot pay out a monthly pension.  They say my only options are to take the full amount as a lump sum at my retirement date, or to transfer the fund somewhere else first.  I would like to avoid the huge tax hit of taking the whole amount in one go, so transferring it somewhere else seems to be the thing to do.   However, I am having a great deal of difficulty finding out what the transfer options are.  I looked at the UK Government information for QROPS in Germany which lists only 4 or 5 possible insurance companies who might do this.  One was Condor, which is since taken over by R+V.  However, when I spoke to the R+V representative about this, he had no clue what I was talking about or what a QROPS even is.   Does anyone have any information that might help? Can I transfer the fund to another insurer in the UK and get a monthly payout from them, if so who do I approach? Is there actually any German pension provider who can do this? Can anyone recommend a tax-advisor in the Köln area with relevant knowledge who might be able to help?   M.
  9. Evening all!   My employer has offered to contribute to a Betriebliche Altersversorgung and today was an initial conversation with the agent.   I find the idea intriguing and am loathe to leave my employer's tax free money on the table, but was concerned by a couple of things.   For 26 years of contributions of 254€ a month (costing me directly 75€ a month, or ca. 29.000€ all in) I'm only g'teed to get around 72k€ (around 10% less than all the inputs). Only max. 15% will be invested in anything which may give me higher returns According to online calculators, this is an annualised compound return of around 3.15% The agent gets around 10% of my first 5 years worth of contributions   This really doesn't feel either like a lot of money nor high interest (I take this positively, as it is a sign I am not too German, not yet, anyway…).   What am I missing here? Are these crappy returns normal?   Would it not make sense (with 26 years to go till retirement) to invest privately with my NET salary into something with more Va-va-voom and miss out on paying the Sozialabgaben in 2043?   Assuming long term index returns of 7% and a post-tax sum invested of 145€ each month I get a similar lumpsum at the end.   I see the offer as suitable for the risk-averse, but unlikely to fund my champagne and caviar lifestyle in my well-earned retirement.   For a nod in the right direction I'd be greatful!