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  1. I quit my employer and they didn't want me to take vacation days so they said they will pay it out to me. Quit Employer A in month 2 Joined Employer B in month 3 Employer A sent additional payslip in month 3 as if I continued working with them and paid me salary towards 'wage-hours' even though I did not work for them. This payment is equivalent to the vacation days left when I quit. The 'vacation' section of the payslip is empty and was always empty in all payslips. Therefore, in 'Month 3', I received payslips from both Employer A and Employer B. Problems: 1. I was automatically put into Tax Class 6 for having two employers at the same time even though I never actually worked for two employers at the same time. For the next 10 months, I was taxed according to Tax Class 6 from my new employer. Even if I get the tax class switched back to tax class 1 at my new employer, I am unsure about what to put in my tax return application so that I get back my overpaid taxes for the past 10 months. If I say I belong in Tax Class 1 in my tax return, isn't it technically not true because according to payslips sent to the tax office, I worked for both Employer A and Employer B in month 3 even though in reality I only worked for Employer B.  2. I have a weekly limit of 20 hours. In the first week of month 3, because Employer A paid me vacation money in 'wage-hours', I technically surpassed the 20 hour limit without actually working more than 20 hours. Furthermore, Employer A submitted wrong name to social security office. (i know i can get it corrected but it caused me a lot of mental distress) Is there a way to fix the problem with Tax Class? Is there a way to sue Employer A for causing so much trouble?