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  1. You provide the tap, we provide the room. Join the Americans in Germany for our weekly Afterwork Taproom!   We have a whole virtual bar, where you can move between our Taproom, Smokers' Lounge, or Terrace.   Tonight at 7:30! All are welcome. RSVP on Meetup or PM me for the URL.
  2. I thought to create this thread so we could organize some TT star parties after our discussion on this thread:   Please put your name, location and equipment after mine so we know who, where and what.   1. MikeMelga, Munich, no equipment in Germany, C9.25 in Portugal   Then we can use this thread to organize field trips.   BTW, for 6 years I have developed devices for Astronomy (cameras, focusers, etc).   Regarding discussion for sightseeing places, please avoid posting exact "coordinates" for the place on the forum, we do not know who is reading this and for safety reasons I don't feel comfortable letting "bad guys" know where we go.