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  1. Starting not long ago the parking machines in Berlin are being taken out of service and replaced by apps.  But even if I embrace technology, Germany always have to screw up things.   In Berlin is a requirement to have a sticker of the app you are using in your windshield, like, seriously?  And there are plenty of apps, so I have to choose one and stick to that one or fill up my windshield with stickers?  how about tourists?  how are they supposed to get the sticker?  the only way is to pre-order it per post but they probably won't know until they are here.  And how about borrowing a car from a friend?  Now I have to install the app the car has the sticker for and I have to register in my app.  And there is a limit of two cars in the app otherwise you have to buy some premium monthly plan.   How about a family with more than two cars?  Now every one in the family has to pay for the stupid premium plan for the privilege of having more than two cars in the app.   On top of that you have to pay 29c to 39c service fee for every transaction, while not much, I would have expected the city assumed the costs of the transaction since they are now saving money in the parking machines and permanent maintenance.