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  1. Hi,  I’m looking to rent a parking space in Stuttgart Ost near Wagenburgstraße for1-3years. Does anyone own a spot and wants to give it away?
  2. I just read that in 2012 visitor parking in Essen was found to be unconstitutional. I know that this usually means its simply unenforceable in the courts, but doesn't stop the City from leaving signs up and imposing fines. You have to contest it in court before it means anything.   Does anyone know what the current status is of residential parking is generally in Essen, including the unconstitutional visitor parking?     See
  3. Where to park ?

    Hallo !!   I'll be moving to Nürnberg in a few weeks and I have a question regarding my car (I haven't find any post on that subject).   I am moving from France to Nürnberg and will be coming with my car. I have found a temporary apartment and I have questions about parking. I don't know what the rules are. Is a parking permit mandatory to park on the street close by your place? In France I do have my own parking space so that's not a question but I lived in Ireland and I had to get a parking permit so I was allowed to park on a few streets around my place without having to pay everyday.   Thanks !