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  1. Hello there, fellow expats.   This is my first contribution to the forum and it probably will sound a bit as me trying to get off easily, but I have no problem whatsoever in accepting responsability when I should and paying what I owe. The reason for my question, though, is that I don't intend to pay something that I wouldn't need to.   I got a parking fine in Belgium with my german car because I wasn't sure if the road I parked was payable or not and my dumb self decided to risk it. Then I got fined, 30€. They say they'll send me a reminder after 30 days if I haven't paid by wire and a registered letter after 14 if the situation persists.   My question is, can a belgium municipality have access to my data or is the EUCARIS system only for traffic fines and offenses? Or is a parking fine of this order technically a traffic fine too?   Cheers lads,   A lad fined in Belgium.
  2. My house is on a street with scarce street parking. The house has a garage and parking spot in front of the garage. I moved in several months ago, and on about ten occasions since I moved in someone has parked in my parking spot, blocking me from using my garage and parking spot. In looking at my options I found two services that offer an app, which you use to take pictures of the offender's car and send to lawyers and they will automatically send a cease and desist letter and penalties for the repeat offender. The point is you don't have to call a tow company. And if I understood correctly, you can make a little money on the penalties e.g. 40 euros at The other one I found was . They say it is done at no cost to you. Has anyone tried these? Are they legit? Sounds a little too good to be true...   I will have to put up one of those "parken verboten" signs as part of the process. I don't like to be heavy handed about it, especially if it might be neighbors who are just occassionally doing it, but I paid quite a bit for house and for the benefits of that garage and parking spot, and no doubt the time will come when I need to leave for an important appointment and can't afford to wait and sort it out (imagine missing a flight because you can't get out of your garage?). I also hate the feeling of coming home from work, and finding I can't park in my own damn parking spot, even if the person is there for just 10 mins. Wow... I'm really turning into a grumpy German!    
  3. Hi   urgently looking for a parking place in Leonrodplatz(helene weber allee, Goethe institute area).   Any leads would be very helpful.   Thanks you.