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  1. Where to park ?

    Hallo !!   I'll be moving to Nürnberg in a few weeks and I have a question regarding my car (I haven't find any post on that subject).   I am moving from France to Nürnberg and will be coming with my car. I have found a temporary apartment and I have questions about parking. I don't know what the rules are. Is a parking permit mandatory to park on the street close by your place? In France I do have my own parking space so that's not a question but I lived in Ireland and I had to get a parking permit so I was allowed to park on a few streets around my place without having to pay everyday.   Thanks !
  2. Lower Duplex available for rent in Milbertshofen.  No fixed term contract, available immediately.  Safe, clean and well lit.  Close to Frankfurter Ring U-Bahn  55 Euro per month.  Deposit for Transponder and key 55 Euros
  3. I live in a district where street parking had been with toll until recently (now they issue park permit for residents). Back in July last year, as I had always been doing, I parked my car on a street nearby where parking had been for free. But it turned out that parking there was temporarily forbidden due to the preparation for the DOM or something. They towed my car over to a street nearby. I got a fine of 25EUR. I took care of it.   Today, 7 months after the event, I got a letter from the police which says I have to pay additional 300EUR for "Amtshandlungsgebühr", "Gemeinkostenzuschlag" and "Besondere Auslagen / Abschleppkosten".   Shouldn't there be a statutory deadline for the authorities to do such things? I've got a couple of speeding tickets in Germany so far, and they all arrived within a month from the events. I understand the towing involves a third party - the tower - and it can take longer than just sending a speeding ticket. Even so, sending a bill after 7 months sounds unusual and absurd. I mean, can they send me the bill whenever they want to - like after years if they want to?