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  1. I'd love to visit my family in the UK over Christmas.  I was hoping the November lockdown in both Germany and the UK would mean this would be possible.   But now I'm not sure.  Especially with the rule about no households mixing indoors in Tier 2 areas - which looks like it might be in force till 23rd December - does that mean I and my family (husband and kids) can't stay with my parents when we arrive?   What are other British expats planning to do? 
  2. I am a British citizen and since 2017 also a German citizen. I live in Germany haven't visited the UK since December 2019. My mother is in a care home with Alzheimers and my brother and sister visit her regularly now that visits are allowed and keep me informed of her situation. I have had my first vaccination and would like to visit her now that things are starting to return to some sort of normality, my second vaccination is due at the beginning of June. What restrictions would be in place if I visited after my second vaccination?