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  1. Hi John here, We are a small English speaking company here in Frankfurt. We have just opened a company specially for expats who may need help around there Home. You can email me at just a few of the things we do. Tiling, Plastering Fitting kitchens Plumbing Some electricity work, Painting, Laying wooden floors, Fitting windows and doors.  
  2. Painting when leaving apartment

    Hello,   I am leaving my apartment after five years there at the end of this month. The apartment is in good condition, and the paint on the walls has not changed much since I moved in (the previous renter did not paint the apartment when they left, and instead gave us a kitchen for free).   My landlord told me this - "Mrs. xxx from yyy company visited the apartment because of the renovation work. She has submitted a cost estimate of € 1,795.46 including VAT. I would like it if a painting company could carry out the work professionally after the long rental period from you. I would like to suggest to you that I participate with € 500.00 and you pay only € 1,295.00. Do you agree? "   I seem to remember reading here that something changed about the rules regarding the responsibility of the tenant for painting. What do you think about this ?   Thanks !!