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  1. Has anyone purchased the flat they live in? And then purchased more flats or the building itself? I have fallen in love with my neighborhood and building (Altbau, 6 units) and I wouldn't want to actually kick out my neighbors (except the one next to me, as I would extend my flat into his  but not right away). I'm wondering how I would even being to approach this topic with my landlords. The building is not in great shape but livable, no maintenance is done on it, landlords are quite elderly and own several properties and businesses in town. I can't imagine they make much off of our rent as it's so low, because the building wouldn't command higher rents. This wouldn't be necessarily an investment opportunity for me, it would be my passion project, something I would happily put resources, time and energy into to restore to the beauty it was, as well as provide housing at the lowest cost I could afford, once the neighbors did decide to leave.   Anyone have any cultural tips, where I should start, how to break this project down for my landlords, etc.? It sounds silly maybe but at the moment I'm not worried about financials, since I'd rather get a sense of is this even legally and culturally doable.