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  1. Does anyone know what specific rights can be exercised by a person has who has the "right of use" (Nutzniessung?) of a property? How do these rights differ from the rights of the legal owner of the property? Here's the context: A son owns a property - a house. The father has "right of use" (Nutzniessung?) of the property (house). House has 3 apartments. Father and son live in separate apartments (#1 + #2) and want to rent 3rd  apartment. Father claims he has the right to decide who will rent the 3rd apartment and is showing the apartment to potential tenants and establishing the terms and conditions of the lease. Son is not involved at all in the rental of the apartment. Questions: 1. Does anyone have experience or helpful info. about "right of use" (Nutzniessung?) of a property? 2. Do both father and son have to sign the apt. lease (contract)? 3. Who is legally responsible for any issues that may arise with tenants? (I assume the owner).