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  1. Hi,   I joined a company XYZ GmbH in Berlin 6 months back. In that period, i was made to work for 12 - 16 hours a day and later last month i found later that i have worked 40 DAYS extra in a period of 4 months(Worked till 2 - 4 AM, Weekends etc). Every week i think it will get better, but it was just getting worse. In November i fell sick due to this and had to take 1 week off(Burn out). But unfortunately i had to complete all the 1 week's work after coming back, so i it was still worse. My probation was over last week, i could not quit because i did not get the time to find a job with this stress. And i was not able to quit without a job because of my family with a 16 months old kid at home.    What can i do about this? I talked to my works council, theyre asking me to sue the company. But this company is an IT Giant. What are my chances ? in Germany ive been reading, i could not find any info about cases like this. Can someone help me on letting me know the options i have?   Best Regards,