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  1. Hello I am working in Berlin for more than 2 years now, with a BlueCard visa. While I was a resident here, I bought an apartment in my home country. Now I would like to sell that apartment and bring the money to Germany (planning to buy a house here) My question is: should I pay any taxes here as well? I will pay taxes and fees in my local country, but there's no direct cooperation between my country and Germany, so probably Finanzamt (or any other Government organisation here) won't be able to query them about my tax status. This property was my savings over the years, not a source of income or investment. My only source of income is my salary in Germany.   To put it slightly differently: if I bring the cash here, will I still be a subject to tax? I mean, if I decide to buy a property by cash (hypothetically) or deposit my money to my German bank account in 10K instalments, will I get questioned/taxed? This is a concern among many of my friends, as we would like to bring our savings here, but are concerned about the high taxes.   To be clear: I don't want to bypass any laws. I want to know 1- if my situation is subject to tax 2- if there's a legal way to decrease or cut the tax   Thanks Ahmed
  2. Hi,   My sister and I inherited our family home in 2012/2013. At that point I did not live there anymore. A year later I moved to Germany. My sister continued to live in the property but now agreed to sell it. I was positively surprised that I would not have to pay taxes on the income from selling the house in Germany until I realised that the UK has created a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for non-residents that are selling a residential property in the UK. So it seems that this applies to me, while my sister will not have to pay CGT because she lives in that property.   Apparently, there are three methods of of calculating the non-resident CGT: rebasing, straight-line apportionment and gain over whole period. The first depends on the value of the property on 5 April 2015.   Is there any way to retrospectively obtain a credible estimate of the value of the house at that time?   All calculations depend on the value of the property when our father died. We have had an estate agent in at the time providing an estimate. I think this was necessary to determine our liability for inheritance tax. However, estate agents state generally that their quotes are "for marketing purposes only" and may not reflect the true market value at that time. So, here we have another relatively loose point of reference. It seems quite a bit of guesswork involved in determining the tax due. Do you have any advice of how to approach that?   Will the solicitor/conveyancer pay the tax or do I have to take care of that?   Is there anything else that is relevant in determining the tax owed to the UK as a non-resident selling UK residential property?