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  1. We have an OK brand oven in our flat in Berlin. It works very nicely. But recently I have discovered with the temperature control dial: I can select a temperature, it switches on. It does not automatically turn off upon reaching the selected temperature Even if I move it back to the • position, it remains on But if I give it another little twist, it turns off Link to video demonstration.   My suspicion is: The entire thermostat assembly (probe and control) are kaput Just the switch inside the thermostat is kaput   Anyone experienced this before? I'm tempted to remove the knob and just spray a little bit of WD-40 on the pole of the switch. Maybe a small component on the inside is stuck.   Thanks all, greetings from Berlin.
  2. Like-new DeLonghi toaster oven, model E024302. Purchased from Amazon, used it for ca. one month. Works wonderfully, but wife says it's "too big" for our little kitchen. Forced to buy a smaller version, but now I have this large one which I cannot return. All parts are included, it's a full set and still shiny, no greasy chicken was cooked in it, I promise! It's yours for 40 euro and can be delivered to your door (within the Munich area). Not to worry, I'll be wearing a proper mask :-)  Cheers!